On-Demand Webinar

Retail Analytics: Your New Superpower

Learn how winning retailers are using technology to not just survive,
but thrive in tough conditions.

Presented by SAS and Butterfly Data

About the webinar

This webinar from Butterfly Data and SAS will explain the increasing need for businesses to collect data to inform their decisions and improve operations. 

While it may seem that only large enterprises with dedicated IT departments can afford these tools, or startups with the agility to change fast, we show that mid-market businesses willing to embrace a data-driven approach can level the playing field. By taking an analytical approach they can gain an edge over their competitors by predicting future trends and tailoring output to customer individual needs.

Join SAS and Butterfly Data to learn how to:

  • Take data you already have in spreadsheets and visualize it using SAS Viya
  • Assess the quality and quantity of the data you collect
  • Join data from disparate sources to provide insight across your business
  • Improve your ability to segment your customer base and personalize your offerings to suit individual customer needs

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About the Experts

Sara Boltman
Butterfly Data

Sara Boltman is the founder of Butterfly Data and has spent her career in the UK  helping organisations extract value from their data using SAS. She is an AWS certified solution architect and machine learning specialist with a real enthusiasm for the speed and agility achieved when running analytics in the cloud. She loves exploring data, finding patterns and trends, building models and improving processes.

Lucy Wilson
Canadian Ambassador
Butterfly Data

Lucy Wilson is Butterfly Data's Canadian Ambassador, she will be extending our reach across the Atlantic and getting involved in the local data & analytics scene. A gifted communicator, she is fluent in French and happy to take data of many kinds to create insightful, beautiful Visual Analytics dashboards to demonstrate the value and power of SAS Viya.

Shanu Kurien
National Executive, Retail
SAS Canada

The National Executive Retail & CPG role adds industry knowledge and expertise to our sales cycles and provides a bridge between the industry, our solutions and our customers. Shanu has a long history in grocery retail, starting as a front line employee in the deli department and spending over 19 years in retail.  Throughout his career Shanu has moved through a variety of roles at both Loblaws and Sobeys, where most recently he was the Director of the Category Management Centre of Excellence.  In this role he led a team of pricing and category experts to help standardize the way Sobeys managed their product mix, pricing and overall category management best practices.   His expertise includes Retail Operations, Supply Chain, Offshore sourcing, Merchandising and Business Transformation.