Intelligent Data Preparation for Analytics

Prepare to Plan or Plan to Fail

Thought Leadership Series - On-Demand Webinar

About the webinar

One of the key elements in deriving good insights from analytics is quality data. However, many business enterprises are plagued with poor quality data that not only impairs decision making but also reduces productivity, creates inefficiencies, and increases operational costs.

Recent Gartner research has found poor data quality to be responsible for an average of $15 million per year in losses in a business enterprise. This state of data quality is likely to worsen in the coming years due to digital disruption, increased mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and more business diversification into new markets.

This webinar looks at key data preparation strategies that enterprises can leverage to overcome the challenge of poor data quality and help deliver valuable insights. As well as providing a data preparation strategy, this session will cover practical applications where good quality data can be acquired for operationalizing analytics and driving business results.

Join us in this webinar to learn:

  • How business enterprises can apply three key data preparation strategies to overcome the challenge of poor data quality
  • How data preparation strategies can be implemented in SAS Viya for deriving valuable insights
  • How stakeholders such as Data Engineers, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists can work collaboratively to kick off the analytics lifecycle in a self-serve, intelligent, easy to use interface in SAS Viya

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About the Experts

Prashanth Southekal, PhD
Senior Technology Professional
DBP Institute

Prashanth Southekal is a Senior Technology professional who specializes in transforming technology and data into a valuable, measurable, and monetizable asset for the business enterprise. He has worked and consulted for over 45 organizations including P&G, GE, Shell, Apple, and SAP in Canada, India, US, Belgium, UK, and Spain in Oil/Gas, Retail, and Banking sectors. Apart from his consulting assignments, Southekal is the author of the book Data for Business Performance and is an Adjunct faculty of Data Analytics in University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada) & IE Business School (Madrid, Spain).

Dan Finerty
Senior Systems Engineer
SAS Canada

Dan Finerty is a veteran Software Engineer in his 6th year at SAS Canada. He has international experience working for companies including IBM Canada, Progress Software and Informatica. His specialty is in data management focusing on data engineering for analytics and decisioning.