Debunking Myths in Artificial Intelligence & Programming

Presented by May Masoud & Chris Hemedinger

About the webinar

Will artificial intelligence replace humans? Do you need to be good at math in order to be good at programming?

In our Expert Says series, the Expert knows best!

Find out by joining Data Science Advisor May Masoud & SAS Online Communities, Chris Hemedinger as they aim to "fill in the gap" on common misconceptions within the realm of artificial intelligence and programming!

Get excited for our Expert Says series: a series where we learn from experts in a specific area of interest! We introduce the Crystal Career interview where experts talk about their journey to a professional career, followed by Debunking Myths, a session where experts aim to "fill in the gap" on common misconceptions within their area of expertise. 

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About the Experts

May Masoud

May Masoud is a Data Science Advisor at SAS Canada, trained in classical Statistics and modern Machine Learning. She helps Canadian organizations design their Artificial Intelligence strategy and technology mix. Her focus is on deriving measurable business value from AI investments while maintaining enterprise governance and ethical considerations.

May developed her technical foundation through a degree in Statistics and Economics. Following that, she advanced her analytics toolkit with a Masters of Business Analytics from the Schulich School of Business. This cocktail of technical and business expertise has shaped May as an analytics practitioner and a thought leader. Outside of her client engagements, May invests her time in developing and delivering keynotes and workshops for the business and academic community. A large focus of these efforts is on topics such as Ethics of AI and Machine Learning. May fuels her motivation through powerlifting and pushes boundaries snowboarding.

Chris Hemedinger

Chris leads the SAS Online Communities team at SAS. His team manages the peer-to-peer forums at communities.sas.com, the developer experience at developer.sas.com, and SAS open source initiatives at github.com/sassoftware.

Chris is a recovering software developer, having spent 14 years in SAS R&D building software products. He continues to coast on his limited fame as author of SAS For Dummies. You can follow his updates at The SAS Dummy Blog.