On-Demand Webinar

AI & Ethics

Familiarize yourself with the key topics in the debate about ethics and AI to help you make confident and informed decisions as your AI initiatives progress.


About the webinar

Human-generated data carries inherent biases, which are transferred to the machines that learn using this data, and ultimately seep into the decisioning that follows- often creating a vicious cycle that reinforces this pattern.

This webinar takes the philosophical question of ethics to the pragmatic realm and provides a business framework to address major ethical concerns in AI systems. It provides the foundation required to build and implement business AI that is ethical and future-proof.

Why attend?

  • Learn the fundamentals of AI ethics every organizational leader should consider when embracing AI
  • Become aware of the risks associated with the negligence of ethics in AI.
  • Walk away with a pragmatic framework that guides you towards an ethically sustainable AI solution

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About the Experts

May Masoud
Solutions Specialist - Data Science, SAS

May Masoud is a Data Science Specialist at SAS Canada, trained in classical Statistics and modern Machine Learning. Leveraging her analytics background, she helps businesses implement components of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to surface actionable insights from their data and eliminate inefficiencies from the analytics process.

May developed her quantitative foundation through an undergraduate degree in Statistics and Economics. Following that, she advanced her applied analytics toolkit with a Masters of Business Analytics from the Schulich School of Business. This cocktail of technical and business expertise has shaped May as an analytics practitioner and a thought leader. Outside of her client engagements, May invests her time in developing and delivering thought leadership for the business and academic community. A large focus of these efforts is on topics such as Artificial Intelligence and the ethical aspects of technology.

Sara Boltman
Butterfly Data

Sara Boltman is the founder of Butterfly Data and has spent her career in the UK  helping organizations extract value from their data using SAS. She is a certified cloud solution architect and machine learning specialist with a real enthusiasm for the speed and agility achieved when running analytics in the cloud. She loves exploring data, finding patterns and trends, building models and improving processes.