On-Demand Webinar

Computer Vision: Understanding And Automating The Human Visual System


About the webinar

Computer Vision has reached the forefront of AI applications. Computer vision applications have been instrumental in important developments in medicine, manufacturing, military, and autonomous vehicles.

The versatility of Computer Vision applications is increasing, but so is the requirement for deeper and more robust models. The ever-increasing complexity makes it challenging to deploy Computer Vision solutions successfully. This webinar showcases how SAS has developed the expertise and technology to help data scientists develop models effectively at each step of the model’s lifecycle and most importantly deploy models on the edge, in real-time.

Why attend?

  • Discover what is Computer Vision and how it can empower businesses
  • Experience how SAS has evolved to provide Computer Vision for customers to solve business problems
  • Learn how SAS technology facilities the development and deployment of complex Computer Vision models.

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About the Experts

Chris Christopher
Senior Solutions Architect, SAS

Chris is a Sr. Solutions Architect with SAS Canada and has over 20 years of experience Solutioning, Architecting and Implementing Strategic Analytic Decisioning Systems for Government, Healthcare, Global Banks, Global Manufacturing, High Technology and Fashion Retail.

Antoni Dzieciolowski
Solutions Specialist - Data Science, SAS

Antoni is a Data Science Solution Specialist based in Montreal, having a great deal of exposure in its diverse business environment.  Antoni works to identify key business problems and works to provide solutions and approaches to help achieve business success. Antoni holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Applications, and a master’s degree in Computer Science specialized in AI.

Ivan Gomez
Senior Consultant, Zencos

At Zencos, Ivan provides clients with expert knowledge to design, implement, and deploy high performance analytic environments for big data, as well as development of custom machine learning applications to solve challenges faced by modern businesses. As part of the Emerging Technologies and Data Science teams, Ivan contributes to the evolution of Zencos practices through the adoption of game changing technological trends such as cloud platforms and containers as well as leveraging these technologies to create state of the art analytics applications. Ivan is also an active member of SAS communities and has presented at various SAS conferences as participant and invited speaker.

Ivan’s experience of 7+ years combines systems development, R&D, and advanced analytics applications. This provides him a wholistic perspective and understanding of the analytics ladder he leverages to guide our customers in their journey to analytics maturity.

Ivan holds bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Master of Science in Analytics from North Carolina State University. Prior to joining Zencos, Ivan worked in R&D and systems development in fortune 500 corporations.