On-Demand Webinar

Driving Innovation and Gaining a Competitive Advantage with AIoT 

Create a connected world by merging Artificial Intelligence with the Internet of Things.


About the webinar

Driving innovation and gaining a competitive advantage requires more than just connecting devices and gathering data. Without AI capabilities, IoT devices and the data they produce would have limited value. IoT data is flooding today's utilities, manufacturers, retailers, hospitals, insurers, and more, giving further relevancy to AI applications.

When you merge AI and IoT, you get Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) – a revolutionary combination that can transform industries, elevate customer experiences, and accelerate business performance exponentially. This webinar discusses how AIoT enables organizations to enhance customer experience, anticipate needs, and becoming truly embedded in the consumer’s world. 

Why attend?

  • Learn what AIoT is
  • Find out how AIoT solutions solve complex business problems in real-time
  • Discover how AIoT facilitates the development and deployment of complex Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Models on Servers and on the Edge with extreme agility

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About the Experts

Chris Christopher
Sr. Solutions Architect, SAS

Chris is a Sr. Solutions Architect with SAS Canada and has over 20 years of experience Solutioning, Architecting and Implementing Strategic Analytic Decisioning Systems for Government, Healthcare, Global Banks, Global Manufacturing, High Technology and Fashion Retail.

Antoni Dzieciolowski
Solutions Specialist - Data Science, SAS

Antoni is a Data Science Solution Specialist based in Montreal, having a great deal of exposure in its diverse business environment.  Antoni works to identify key business problems and works to provide solutions and approaches to help achieve business success. Antoni holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics & Statistics and Computer Applications, and a master’s degree in Computer Science specialized in AI.

DJ Penix
President and Founder, Pinnacle Solutions Inc.

DJ Penix is the President and founder of Pinnacle Solutions Inc., a SAS Resell Partner and a SAS Gold Partner. Founded in 1996, Pinnacle Solutions has been building prominent analytic, reporting, and data management solutions for 25 years in various industries including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, health & life sciences, insurance, hospitality & entertainment, financial, retail, education, and government. Back in 2014, DJ led the company’s efforts to expand the business and to provide cloud enabled solutions. A formalized partnership with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure augmented the already long standing partnership with SAS, one of the most prominent advanced analytic and reporting platforms since the late 1970s. Today, DJ has expanded the business to provide a wide range of leading edge cloud analytic services which include IoT, Forecasting, Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. DJ graduated from Kalamazoo College with a B.S. in both Mathematics and Computer Science.

Todd Gray
Chairman and CEO, autonomous_ID Corporation

A serial entrepreneur, Mr. Gray has endeavored throughout his career in the design, development and implementation of leading-edge products, systems, and services. 

In a life long pursuit to develop original concepts, Mr. Gray has collaborated with leading industry CEO’s, CTO’s and their respective staffs in biometrics, identity automation, privacy, healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical fields and insurance; all at the intersections of IOT.

Known for his perseverance, candor and ingenuity, Mr. Gray is the principal inventor and business driver behind autonomous_ID products and services.  As Chairman and CEO, Mr. Gray leads business and partner development at the company’s offices in Canada, US and Japan and is the lead promoter in the company’s expansion throughout the GCC, EU, SEAsia and South America.