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Five Essential Tips for Data Scientists

Whether new to the field or an analytics veteran here’s what you need to know to drive success and optimization in your work

About the webinar

As data scientists, there are five areas where, with some focus and commitment, we can deliver better results. These tips apply whether you’re an analytics veteran or someone relatively new to the cause. Join SAS as we hear from both perspectives on this topic: Tina is a long-time analytics ambassador and team leader, while Alex brings the perspective of a recent recruit to the table


  1. Treating Data Science as a team sport
  2. Embracing automation
  3. Experimenting
  4. Deploying Analytics
  5. Getting on board with AI ethics

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About the Experts

Tina Schweihofer
Customer Advisory Pre-Sales Manager, SAS Canada

Tina Schweihofer is passionate about helping people understand how high-performance analytics, coupled with the right data strategy can deliver real business benefits. Tina leads a talented data sciences team that helps organizations across industries apply analytics to solve unique business problems using SAS.

Alexander Terado
Solutions Specialist – Customer Advisory Data Sciences, SAS Canada

Alex is a passionate advocate for analytically-driven decision making. Before joining SAS, he worked as a Data Analyst, and then as a Manager of Lead Generation and Analytics at an e-commerce startup. In his current role as a Solutions Specialist on the Data Sciences team, he works closely with customers to demonstrate how SAS enables customers to realize real business value from their analytical platforms.