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Artificial Intelligence in the Real World - Pragmatic AI

About the webinar

The hype around Artificial Intelligence means that the line between AI, Automation, Analytics, and Machine Learning can be blurry. For many organizations the concept of AI is not well understood, and they struggle to derive business value from their AI initiatives, whether that is due to unrealistic expectations, or poor solution mix.

In this webinar, hear from SAS Canada’s May Masoud who will cut through the hype and discuss      

  • Pragmatic AI – the AI you get by maturing your current processes  
  • Automating what you can 
  • Using Machine Learning to deliver high-value answers in real time without unnecessary human intervention

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About the Experts

May Masoud
Solution Specialist – Data Sciences, SAS Canada

May Masoud is a Solution Specialist at SAS Canada, as part of the Data Sciences team. Leveraging her analytics background, she helps businesses visualize the potential of their data, and surface insights using modern data mining and machine learning techniques. With a Master of Business Analytics following a Bachelor in Statistics & Economics, May aims to create value at every step of the analytics lifecycle: data discovery, model build, model deployment, and business strategy. She has touched the analytics landscape in a variety of industries, whether it is oil production models for the energy sector or solving churn problems in the telecom industry. May’s aim is to ubiquitize self-serve analytics and enable citizen data scientists.