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Come out and join us for our semi-annual meeting. Learn all kinds of tips and tricks!  Meetings are always free to attend.

Our next VanSUG meeting will take place in Sprnig of 2019 There is no cost to attend SAS user group meetings. The agenda and link to registration will be posted here once it becomes available.

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  • Participate in User Presentations!
  • We are always looking for User presentations for upcoming User Group meetings, whether it is a quick 5 minute tip or a full 30-45 minute presentation.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to not only share your knowledge and your experience with your peers, but also get feedback and ideas on the work that you are doing with SAS.
  • If you are interested in contributing, please contact one of our executive team members or Matt Malczewski, Canadian SAS User Group Program Manager.

The Executive Team is excited to continue with new issues of the newsletter: you'll find the latest issue here.

Again, feedback is very positive. Thank you to those that have already volunteered to make a contribution to future issues. We continue to welcome and need your support!

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What's New at SAS: Matt Mallczewski, SAS Canada (November, 2018)

Inside the Data Step: Mathieu Gaouette, Prospective MG Inc. (November 2018)

Intck and Intnc Functions: Robert Ellsworth, Ellsworth Steward Consulting (November 2018)

Tips and Tricks: Nuria Chapinal, BC Cancer (November 2018)

SAS ODS to Create Excel Worksheets: Chevell Parker, SAS US (November 2018)

Introduction/What's new at SAS: Alexandra Jovicic, SAS Canada (May 2018)

Introducing Statiscial Graphics (SG): Mary Harding, SAS Canada (May 2018)

Principles of Automation: Robert Ellsworth, Ellsworth Stewart Consulting (May 2018)

Making Friends: Clean Code: Brendan Bakos, BC Cancer (May 2018)

PROC SQL-An Advanced Tutorial: Paul Kent, SAS (November 17)  

Tips and Tricks for Producing Time-Series Cohort Data: Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics (November 2017)

SAS and Open Source: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2017)

SAS Global Forum 2017: SAS Canada (May 2017)

Tips for SAS Programming: Yaling Yin, BC Cancer Agency (May 2017)

Five Ways to Improve your Reporting Game: Catherine Peng, BC Cancer Agency (November 2016)

Cluster Analysis: Jing Dong, BC Hydro (November 2016)  

SAS Studio Demo: Sean Robson, SAS Canada (November 2016)

A Brief Introduction to ODS Layout: Brooke Kinniburgh, Perinatal Services (November 2016)  

Tips for Creating Custom Styles: Brooke Kinniburgh, Perinatal Services (November 2016)

Time Series Forecasting: Matt Joyce, SAS Canada (November 2016)

SAS is Open for Business: Sean Robson, SAS Canada (November 2016)

What's New at SAS: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2016)  

The VANSUG Newsletters' Tips and Tricks: Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics (May 2016)

(Power)pointing Your way to (Excel)lence: A (Word) on SAS and Microsoft Office: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2016)

Predictive Modeling for Health Care with SAS/STAT: Lorne Rothman, SAS Canada (May 2016)  

Arrays - Data Step Efficiency: Harry Droogendyk, Stratia Consulting (May 2016)

SAS Update: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (Nov 2015)

Lessons On Transposing Data, Sampling & ANOVA in SAS & JMP: Eric Cai, Cancer Surveillance & Outcomes, BC Cancer Agency (Nov 2015)

Make SAS Enterprise Guide Your Own: John Ladds, Statistics Canada (Nov 2015)

A Beginner's Experience Using SAS: Kim Burrus, Cancer Surveillance & Outcomes, BC Cancer Agency (Nov 2015)

Using SAS for Simple Calculations: Jay Shurgold, Rick Hansen Institute (Nov 2015)

Yes, We Can... Save SAS Formats: John Ladds, Statistics Canada (Nov 2015)

Reducing Customer Attrition with Predictive Analytics: Nate Derby, Stakana Analytics (Nov 2015)

Update From SAS: Matt Joyce, SAS Canada (May 2015)

Automating Your Metadata Reporting: Darryl Prebble- Prebble Consulting, Rupinder Dhillon- Bell Canada (May 2015)

Basics of Proc Tabulate: Anky Lai, BC Cancer Agency (May 2015)

Competing Risk Survival Analysis SAS 9.4: Lovedeep Gondara, BC Cancer Agency (May 2015)

Tips for Advanced SAS Programming: Darryl Prebble, Prebble Consulting Inc. (May 2015)

Switching to Enterprise Guide: Pros/Cons: Guillaume Colley, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (May 2015)

Modeling Interactions and the Use of CONTRAST Statement: Huiru Dong, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDs (May 2015)

Update From SAS: Matt Joyce, SAS Canada (2014)

Solve the Rubik's Cube using Proc IML: Jeremy Hamm, BC Cancer Agency (2014)

Estimating Drivers of Variability in BC Hydro: Dave Bonser, BC Hydro (2014)

Proc Means - the Friendliest Proc: Jayson H. Shurgold, Contagion Consulting Group (2014)

Proc SQL, the Data Step Killer: Mike Atkinson, Acko Systems Consulting Inc. (2014)

Investigate Your Data - 4 Powerful SAS Languages: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada (2014)

VA Drag and Drop: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2013)

Using EG as MS SQL: Paullus Mau, BC Hydro (May 2013)

Topology Error Detection: Jing Dong, BC Hydro (November 2013)

What High Performance Means: Tim Trussell (November 2013)

Formatting ODS, PDF & PROC Report: Brooke Kinniburgh, Perinatal Services BC (2013)

"Anydate" Macro: Charlotte King & John Fleming, Alberta Health Services (2013)

Maps Using SAS Graph: Colleen McGahan, BC Cancer Agency (2013)

Tips and Tricks: Guillaume Colley, BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (2013)

Facebook Demographics/User Stats: Harsh Kumar (2013)

Competing Risk Analysis: Lovedeep Gondara, BC Cancer Agency (2013)

Getting the Right Dates: Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting (2013)

Proc SQL Tips and Tricks: Suzanne Humphrey, The Rick Hansen Institute (2013)

Survival Analysis: Rajeev Kumar & Divya Varkey, Fisheries Center UBC (May 2012)

Transposing Data Arrays: Mei Chong, BC Centre for Disease Control (October 2012)

High Performance/Big Data: Charu Shankar, SAS Canada (November 2012)

BA in Healthcare: Colleen McGahan, BC Cancer Agency (2012)

Hash Tables: Dieter Ayers, Provincial Health Services Authority (2012)

3D Graphics and SAS: Jeremy Hamm, BC Cancer Agency (2012)

Survival Curves: Jeremy Hamm, BC Cancer Agency (2012)

Tips and Tricks Proc SQL: Suzanne Humphrey, The Rick Hansen Institute (2012)

Dummy Variables: Brian Sun, The Rick Hansen Institute (May 2011)

Demand Forecasting: Minghui Yang, Boeing (May 2011)

Payroll Model: Sharen Dhami, Ernest Urbanovich (May 2011)

SAS Tips: Rob Wilson (May 2011)

Business Analytics Forum: Jim Metcalf, SAS Canada (November 2011)

Shifting Paradigms: Jim Metcalf, SAS Canada (November 2011)

SAS 9.3 Support: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (November 2011)

Extracting Useful Data: Michael Wong, Telus (November 2011)

Customer Classification: Scott Albrechtsen, BC Hydro (November 2011)

BI Implementation: Chuck Mohamed, CM Solutions (2011)

Base SAS Report: Fareeza Khurshed, BC Cancer Agency (2011)

TOC using CSS: Fareeza Khurshed (2011)

Analytic Enterprise: James Waite, SAS Canada (2011)

New and Useful Cool Features EG 4.3: James Waite, SAS Canada (2011)

Analysis Rare Events: Nathaniel Derby, Stakana Analytics (2011)

Proc SQL: Nathaniel Derby, Stakana Analytics (November 2010)

Manual to Automatic: Arthur Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants (2010)

Survival Analysis: Arthur Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants (2010)

Means/Summary Procedure: Arthur Carpenter, California Occidental Consultants (2010)

Logistic Process: Colleen McGrahan, BC Cancer Agency (2010)

Future of Business Analytics: David Dobson (2010)

SAS Graph: Rajeez Kumar, University of British Columbia (October 2009)

Base SAS Tips: Rob Wilson (October 2009)

What's New with Statistics in SAS 9.2: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (October 2009)

SAS 9.2 Tips and Tricks: Sylvain Tremblay, SAS Canada (October 2009)

Multiple Linear Regression: Colleen McGahan, BC Cancer Agency (2009)

SAS Program Running You?: Marje Fecht, Prowerk Consulting (2009)

Correct Results with PROC REG: Nathaniel Derby, Stakana Analytics

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