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What's New at SAS: Alexandra Jovicic, SAS Canada (November 2018)

Machine Learning: Ready to Go Solutions or Complex Scientific Projects?
Alex Glushkovsky, BMO (November 2018)

Prescriptive Analytics: Using Optimization with Predictive Models to Find the Best Action: Mamdouh Refaat, Angoss (May, 2018)

Are New Modeling Techniques Worth It?: Tom Zougas, TransUnion (May, 2018)

Timing is Everything: Daymond Ling, Seneca College (May, 2018)

Ensemble Modeling 101 - Looking Into the Black Box: Helen Ngo, Bell Canada (November 2017)  

Text Analytics - Use Cases & Value: Cindy Zhong, SAS Canada (November 2017)

Artificial Intelligence - An Introduction to Deep Learning & Artificial neural Networks: Labeed Khan, GM BluePlan Engineering (November 2017)

Outline Outliers: Adding a Business Sense: Alex Glushkovsky, BMO Financial Group (May 2017)

Real AdaBoost: Paul Edwards, Scotiabank (May 2017)

Visual Data Mining & Machine Learning on Viya: Lorne Rothman, SAS Canada (May 2017)

Random Forests: Basics and Advantages: Antoni Dzieciolowski, SAS Canada (November 2016)

Big Data, Big Headaches: An Agile Modeling Solution Designed for the Information Age: Meriam Seirafi, Cornerstone Group of Companies (November 2016)

SAS and Open Source: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (November 2016)  

Customer Credit and Pricing Optimization: Yuri Medvedev, Bank of Montreal (May 2016)

Methodologies of LGD Confidence Interval Calculation: Cathy Bei Li, CIBC (May 2016)

Open Source and SAS: Pat Valente, SAS Canada (May 2016)

Update from SAS: Warren Woermke, SAS Canada (November 2015)

How to Positively Affect ROI through Effective Marketing: Joanna Carbajal, Sandbox (November 2015)

Real-Time Analytics: Myths, Tactics & Level-Setting: Tim Trussell, SAS Canada (November 2015)

Predictive Model Robustness Validation: Charles Chen, TD Bank Financial Group (November 2015)

Statistics and Social Issues: Joyce Chen, IMS Health (November 2015)

Transforming Web/Digital Data to Customer Information: Cory Narvaez, Scotiabank (November 2015)

News from SAS: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (May 2015)

Product Recommender System in Retail: (Pramod Dogra & Iqbal Habib, Shoppers Drug Mart (May 2015)

SAS Enterprise Miner for Non-Traditional Targets: A Look at Survival Modeling, Net Lift and Time Series Similarity Analysis (May 2015)

B2B Sales Analytics: What Activities in Your Sales Cycle are Winning Business?: John Amrhein, McDougall Scientific Ltd. (May 2015)

Introduction to Ensemble Learning in Credit Risk Modelling: Han Sheng Sun, BMO & Zi Jin, Wells Fargo (October 2014)

Update from SAS: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada (October 2014)

The Use of Data in Commercial Lines: Dahchour, Scarth & McGee Northbridge (May 2014)

Reject Inference for Credit Adjudication: van Berkel BMO (May 2014)

Logistic Regression Model: Jiarui Dang (October 2013)

Scoring Models, Probability Transformations & Model Calibration: Benamara, Dzieciolowski Rogers (October 2013)

SAS EM Code Node Tips: Lorne Rothman SAS Institute (October 2013)

SAS Visual Analytics: Trussell SAS Institute (May 2013)

Pricing Optimization Unsecured Lending: Jane Zhong Scotiabank (May 2013)

Survival Model and Attrition Analysis: Charles Chen, TD Canada Trust (March 2012)

Data Quality Assurance: Mahmoud Azimaee, University of Manitoba (2012)

Computer Resource Usage in Data Mining: Masoud Charkhabi, CIBC (May 2012)

Modeling Interaction Effects in Linear and Generalized Linear Models: Timothy Gravelle, PriceMetrix Inc. (Fall 2012)

Survival Data Mining in SAS EM: Lorne Rothman (Fall 2012)

Experimental Design Techniques: Saaramaki (May 2012)

SAS Text Analytics: Tim Trussell, SAS Canada Inc. (Fall 2012)

Philosophy and Practice in Fraud Detection Analysis: Mario Wen (May 2012)

Practical Data Governance Use: Alex Salvas, National Bank (October 2011)

Segmentation Do's and Don'ts: Daymond Ling, CIBC (October 2011)

Scenario and Stress Testing Using SAS/IML: Dimitry Donin, Dmytro Koral & Mykola Tkachenko, BMO (April 2011)

The Curious Complications of Confounding Covariates: Derek de Montriachard, CIBC (Fall 2011)

Banking Credit Risk Data Quality Control: Mark An, CIBC (May 2010)

SAS in Social Media: Matt Malczewski, SAS Canada Inc. (Fall 2010)

Social Network Analysis: Dan McKenzie (May 2010)

Create the Most Powerful CRM System (in 1996): Ray Kong, Ipsos Reid Corporation (May 2010)

Net Lift and Return Maximization: Victor Zurkowski, CIBC (Fall 2010)

Spline Modeling for Non-Linear Trends: Derek Montrichard, CIBC (May 2009)

Ensuring Model Performance: Gene Jigota, TSBC Consulting (October 2009)

An Elasticity Similarity Distance & Application: Kelvin Li, CIBC (September 2009)

Data Expansion in Credit Risk Modeling: Mark An CIBC (May 2009)

Data Mining in Business Analytics for Decision Support: Albert He, Scotiabank

Web Analytics Full Circle - Back to the Data Mine: Christopher Berry, Critical Mass

Predictive Modeling in Retail: Jim Godfrey, SAS Canada Inc.

Comparing Different Classification Techniques in Credit Scoring: Saed Sayad, iSmartsoft

Improve Marketing Campaign Using Uplift Modeling: Ryan Zhao, Analytic Resourcing Centre

Challenge of Variable Reduction in External Acquisition Modeling: Mariam Seirafi, Cornerstone Group



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