Customer Loyalty Team

SAS Customer Loyalty Team

Support you can count on

You've invested in SAS - and we're invested in you. It's our goal to build strong, long-lasting relationships because we care about your success.

That's why the SAS Customer Loyalty Team promises to provide a proactive and consistent engagement process - and to help you make the most out of every interaction.

Learn more about our promise to you and the support you can expect from your dedicated Customer Loyalty Team - download the SAS Promise brochure.

Let us help you:

  • Organize knowledge exchanges with our SAS® systems engineers.
  • Start an in-house SAS users group or connect you with existing groups.
  • Adopt and migrate to new software releases and inform you about new features and options.
  • Build communities to enhance your relationships with other SAS users.
  • Discover our incredible online support at

We're committed to:

  • Collaboration. Your ideas and challenges fuel our innovation. We will listen and work as a team.
  • Relationships. Building a long-lasting community is vital to us. We are partners for the long run.
  • Value. Technology can be difficult to keep pace with. We will ensure you have the latest software and know the best opportunities available.

We pledge to:

  • Advocate. We are here to get things done. With our help, you'll get your questions answered, issues resolved and opportunities realized.
  • Connect. We support your relationships within SAS and help you create partnerships in the user community.
  • Empower. We help you get the most from your software investment through numerous resources.

Contact us:

Please feel free to call 1-877-727-4678, Local Toronto area: 416-307-4611 to be connected to the Customer Loyalty Team or contact us at


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