Analytics for Everyone. Everywhere.

As we reflect on one year and welcome another, we’re inspired by what’s possible when our amazing customers put real analytics into action.


Protecting four-legged friends

Agria, a Swedish company providing health insurance for pets, uses SAS to analyze risks, and collect and share data with researchers that could provide healthier lives for our best friends.

Little girl holding puppy
Dog shaking water off by pond
Close up of person petting cat
Baby in high chair reaching out to pet dog
Orange cat eating out of bowl
Soccer player in red jersey holding soccerball


Kicking it up a notch

Using AI solutions from SAS, SciSports calculates the talent and value of more than 200,000 soccer players in real time, helping clubs identify rising stars.

Group of soccer players standing in row
SciSports employee working on laptop with soccerball
Illustration of robot kicking soccer ball
SciSports programmer working on desktop computer

Our vision is to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence.


Safeguarding the endangered

WildTrack researchers are exploring the use of AI to augment the process of animal tracking and protect species like the cheetah from extinction.

Cheetah in natural habitat
Two men working on computer
Up close cheetah
Wildtrack workers discussing results
Silhouette of cheetah
Mack truck driving on highway


Planning for the long haul

IoT technologies paired with AI from SAS help Volvo Trucks and Mack Trucks predict repairs and run more efficiently.

Closeup of highway center lines
Volvo semi driving on highway
Oil pouring
Interior of a semi truck with a driver using radio

Our vision is made real by people, passion and technology.

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