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Becoming an AI-ready Organization


About the webinar

Did you know that with its ability to augment human endeavor and automate business operations, AI is a powerful force for good and extraordinary competitive advantage? The possibilities are almost limitless, yet making AI a reality takes careful planning.

Join us to hear from AI leaders and influencers as they share insights, ideas, and inspiration to drive the adoption of AI within your organization. We’ll take a deep dive into AI applications, use cases, and key considerations to allow you to have the practical, forward-looking conversations that will ensure your projects deliver the real-world value AI promises.

Why attend?

  • Learn how to make AI work for you
  • Prove AI's value to your organization
  • Discover what makes for a truly powerful AI-driven enterprise

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About the Experts

Cathy Cobey
Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader, EY

With 25 years of experience as a technology risk advisor, Cathy is the EY Global Trusted AI Advisory Leader and oversees a global team that works on the ethical and control implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems.

A Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Information Systems Auditor, Cathy has assisted global organizations in conducting enterprise risk assessments used to ask better questions and address multi-dimensional technology issues.

Cathy serves on a number of technical advisory committees to develop industry and regulatory standards for emerging technology. She earned her Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of Waterloo.

Parisa Naraei, PhD
Senior Methodologist, Advanced Analytics, CIHI

Dr. Parisa Naraei is a member of the management team in Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) where she contributes to the success and impact in the Canadian healthcare system and the evolution of CIHI's data holdings and analytic products and services and actively contributing to the leadership. Dr.Naraei holds a PhD in computer science from Ryerson University. She is the author of a book and various journals and conference papers in the area of applied deep learning and machine learning algorithms to solve various problems in the healthcare domain including but not limited to wait times in the emergency department, detecting errors in the operating room and detection of patients at the risk of intracranial hypertension crisis.

Sanjay Khanna

Sanjay Khanna is the first futurist appointed to a global law firm. At Baker McKenzie, Sanjay led the first multidisciplinary collaboration lab in global law where AI readiness was a key challenge. Now as an external consultant to Baker McKenzie and other organizations, Sanjay focuses on foresight consulting and board advisory services around environmental, social and governance issues, as well as climate risk, disruptive tech, and other key mega-risks and opportunities.

Kimberly Nevala
Strategic Advisor, SAS

Kimberly Nevala is a strategic advisor for SAS where she balances forward thinking with real-world perspectives on business analytics, data governance, analytic cultures, and change management. Kimberly’s current focus is helping customers understand both the business potential and practical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).