CPG Manufacturing Is Evolving

To become a digitally-enabled CPG Manufacturer, an entire organization needs to evolve.
As the world’s leading business and predictive analytics provider, we’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Maple Leaf Foods with you on this journey as you further invest in your digital ecosystem.


SAS gives Maple Leaf Foods the ability to analyze big data to see what's important, and take action when it matters.

Manufacturers are discovering new cost savings and revenue opportunities by applying analytics to data generated by the industrial internet of things.

SAS Analytics Powers Today’s
Digitally-Enabled Retailers and CPG Manufacturers.  

“You can’t predict the future with statistics by simply looking at the past. It doesn’t matter how complex your models are.  We’re now able to drill down through customer hierarchies and do things such as integrate the impact of promotions and special offers into the statistical models."

-Marcel Baumgartner,
Head, Global Demand Planning Performance
and Statistical Forecasting, Nestle

Client Success Stories

Accurate forecasting optimizes customer service, minimizes inventory overstocks and lays the groundwork for effective marketing at Nestlé.

Oberweis Dairy uses modern analytics to preserve an age-old tradition.

Agricultural analysis leads to vital economic decisions at the USDA. 

Additional Resources

Hey, turns out we’re not bad at this stuff! 
Read why SAS is THE Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions, Q1 2017! 

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Wondering how machine learning is going to change the way you forecast in CPG? 


How are we going to feed 12 billion people?! Researchers at places like the USDA and General Mills are using SAS to solve this problem

Feeling like a little light reading?
Check out a few complimentary books below: 

The New IT: How Technology Leaders are Enabling Business Strategy in the Digital Age.
By Jill Dyche, Vice President, SAS Best Practices

Next Generation Demand Management: People, Process, Analytics, and Technology
By Charles Chase, Executive Industry Consultant, SAS

Agile by Design: An Implementation Guide to Analytic Lifecycle Management
By Rachel Alt-Simmons

Competing on Analytics, Updated, with a New Introduction: The New Science of Winning
By Thomas Davenport and Jeanne G. Harris

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 Next Generation Demand Management
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