Canadian Assets

Montreal SAS User Group (MONSUG)
Forum analytique d'affaires SAS de Montreal
You'll find presentation archives, information about upcoming meetings and the opportunity to contact members of the Executive Committee.

SAS Canada Community
Learn & network with fellow Canadian SAS users from Montreal and across the country. Blogs, discussion groups, video interviews, and more.

LinkedIn Groups

Forum analytique d'affaires SAS de Montreal
Professional networking with other SAS users.

SAS Canada YouTube Channel
Features interviews from Canadian SAS users, thought leaders and staff about all things SAS.

SAS Canada Twitter Feed
Articles of interest from business and technical perspectives.

Global Assets

SAS Blogs
Thought leadership and technical advice from some of SAS’ best and brightest.

SAS Support Communities
Discussion boards focused on solving SAS challenges. If you have a problem, chances are it's been asked - and answered - here before.

All Analytics
A community for data management, business intelligence & analytics.

SAS Social Media Portal
Central hub site for videos, blogs, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, SAS communities and more.

Webinar presentations from SAS experts, instructors, authors and customers about a wide range of topics, all of which are archived for later viewing.

Search for ‘#SASTip’ to find an outstanding collection of tips & tricks submitted by users. The list grows daily, so check back often.

Lex Jansen Conference Paper Archives
Repository of all SAS Global Forum, SUGI, and Regional Conferences. Searchable by author, topic or solution.

"Les groupes d'utilisateurs SAS incarnent l'esprit de partage et de collaboration qui est nécessaire pour découvrir et développer de bonnes méthodologies et lignes directrices. Ce sont ces valeurs intrinsèques qui font le succès de chaque groupe d'utilisateurs."

Éric Lacombe, Président du MONSUG


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