For a limited period of time, existing customers who maintain a current license of SAS High-Performance Data Mining, SAS High-Performance Text Miner, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Text Miner, and/or SAS Factory Miner (hereafter referred to as eligible 9.4 offerings) can, for no additional charge, license SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning (along with its prerequisites) to run side-by-side with their existing deployment of the eligible 9.4 offerings. Requirements of this program are as follows:

  • For customers with annual contracts or with multi-year contracts with twelve (12) or fewer months remaining on their multi-year term, the length of the no-additional-charge deployment period is six (6) months or the number of months remaining in the customer's current renewal term, whichever is longer.
  • For customers with multi-year contracts who have more than twelve (12) months remaining on their multi-year term, a maximum twelve (12) months of side-by-side deployment is allowed for no additional charge.
  • To remain eligible for the program, the customer must maintain a current paid license of one or more of the eligible 9.4 offerings listed above.
  • The number of processor cores eligible for side-by-side no-additional-charge usage is the highest number of processor cores a customer has licensed for any of the eligible 9.4 offerings. For example, a customer who has licensed 64 cores of SAS Enterprise Miner and 16 cores of SAS Factory Miner would be eligible for a maximum of 64 cores of side-by-side usage of SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning for no additional charge.
  • Evaluation Agreement paperwork specific to the side-by-side deployment is required. Contact your local Legal contact for assistance in completing the paperwork.

If, at the end of this period, a customer requests a no-charge extension to the side-by-side deployment, SAS Pre-Sales and/or SAS Consulting must confirm that the customer has installed and is actively using SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning. Once this confirmation has been received, extensions to the no-charge deployment period require approval from a Sales Manager and handling by Enterprise Negotiations. A new contract is not required for an extension, as long as it is documented in an email or other written communication to the customer.

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