Regardless of what business you’re in, everyone is looking for ways to identify opportunities before their competitors. In the real-estate secured lending division of financial services organizations, this is enormously important as this group is often a major contributor to overall revenue in most banks.

Predictive Customer Journey Analytics is a unique approach to identifying a prospective customer in-the-moment, rather than a week or more after they reach their optimal conversion likelihood, potentially resulting in a lost sale to the competition.

In contrast to identifying prospects using traditional behavioural analytic techniques, which use historical data to identify prospective mortgage customers, Predictive Customer Journey Analytics incorporates a customer’s behaviour in-the-moment, as it happens, in real-time, allowing your organization to act before that prospect enters a sales cycle with your competitors.

To learn more, please watch our short videos below:

  • An Introduction to Veloce and Predictive Customer Journey Analytics:
  • Mortgage Use Case – Predictive Customer Journey Analytics