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Session 2: The Evolving Customer Journey

Mapping your Customer Journey to Data – A Marketing Primer
Lisa Loftis
Thought Leader, SAS Best Practices

The basic theory behind managing a customer journey is simple; to provide a cohesive set of activities and information for your customers across relevant touchpoints as they progress through the customer lifecycle. And yet, a recent HBR study sponsored by SAS found that more than half of leading-edge companies (52%) say their organizations lack the processes to support superior experience management initiatives. The difficulty often lies in a lack of standardization and integration of data, systems, and organization structures. Fortunately, our biggest impediment to managing these journeys (our data) can also be our best asset.

This session will explore innovative ways to get the right data for your customer journey and use that data to drive engagement. Connecting data governance and experience management initiatives, and using data to overcome organizational obstacles will be part of the discussion.

Accenture Speaker: David Safer & Ryan Anderson
Accenture Topic: Case Studies in Marketing Analytics

Any organization with a mass consumer base has Customer Experience as a top priority.  In competitive markets, across industries, the Customer Experience is a key pillar for competitive advantage, just like price, product, and efficiency. 

While many organizations attempt to quantify the Customer Experience and how they compare to their peers, there is typically limited ability to make an impact with the insight.  And there is good reason – companies are organized around traditional functions of expertise, such as their channel teams:  Call Centre, Retail, Website, etc.  However, customers do not contact the company only in one channel.  For any given intent (transaction or inquiry), they will often contact the company in multiple channels. 

Accenture will discuss an innovative approach, Cross Channel Analytics, to track these customers as they take their journeys through multiple channels and understand which contacts are needed and which can be reduced.   This analytic capability switches an organization’s view from channel-silos to a cross channel experiences, which helps uncover new improvement opportunities.   The result is an improved Customer Experience and reduced cost to serve.

SAS Speaker: Monique Duquette, National Customer Intelligence Lead
SAS Topic: It’s not Omni-channel, it's Omnipresent: The role of Analytics in an ‘Always On’ Customer Experience

While we all know that accurate and relevant data are imperative to the success of any analytically driven marketing organization; what’s not often talked about is how marketers move from insight to action, or how we take a customer experience focused approach to action. In this session we’ll discuss what it means to be ‘omnipresent’, how analytic technologies, the internet of things and innovative business strategies are finally allowing organizations to not only marry their digital and physical ecosystems, but how they’re being combined to allow organizations to grow and truly delight their customers.


8:00amRegistration & Breakfast
8:35amMapping your Customer Journey to Data – A Marketing Primer
Lisa Loftis, Thought Leaders, SAS Best Practices
9:05amCase Studies in Marketing Analytics
David Safer, Sr. Manager of Strategy, Accenture
Ryan Anderson, Managing Director of Analytics Strategy, Accenture
9:35amNetworking Break
9:50amIt’s not Omni-channel, it's Omnipresent
Monique Duquette, National Customer Intelligence Lead, SAS Canada
10:20amWrap Up


Date & Time:
Session 1: Completed
April 7, 2016.
Session 2: June 9, 2016 8:00AM – 10:30AM
Session 3: August, 2016 8:00AM – 10:00AM
Session 4: October, 2016 8:00AM – 10:00AM

Location: The St. Andrew’s Club
150 King St. W., 27th Floor - Toronto
Cost: Complimentary
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