Text Mining – July 15, 2016 at 8 am EST

SAS Text Analytics provides a comprehensive platform for acquiring insight from text and unstructured data. Text Mining capabilities allow you to discover important topics in any group of documents and extend the capability by utilizing those topics in predictive models. Contextual Analysis furthers the concept of topic detection by categorizing topics to evaluate new data for classification purposes. Sentiment analysis then provides the ability to properly identify subjective information in text and score the opinion of a comment based on a "positive-neutral-negative" scale. SAS invites you to participate in a session to understand how our hybrid approach combining machine learning and user refinement can help your customers address the need to gather insight from growing amounts of unstructured data.


Date & Time: 8:00am ET – the third Friday of every month!
Cost: Complimentary
Questions? Contact you SAS Alliances Manager

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