Forecasting – May 20, 2016 at 8 am EST

SAS Forecast Server is a large-scale automatic forecasting solution that offers unsurpassed scalability and produces quick and timely forecast from a user-friendly GUI.   SAS Forecast Server auto­matically produces high-quality forecasts with the ability to modify models interactively and makes large forecasting processes manageable and allows analysts to focus their time on the most important forecasts.  For each item being forecast, SAS Forecast Server automatically constructs the most appropriate forecasting model, opti­mizes all model parameters and generates high-quality forecasts. Any number of business drivers, casual variable such as price changes, promotions, calendar events, changes in economic conditions, and weather measures can be supplied and will be automatically considered for inclusion in the models. Lastly Forecast server delivers forecasts that reflect the realities of the business, improving your client’s ability to plan future events with confidence which has a direct impact to the bottom line. The technology is being used to address multiple forecasting issues across multiple sectors.  This session will provide your overview and demonstrate how you can harness the technologies key capabilities to drive incremental value for your clients. 


Date & Time: 8:00am ET – the third Friday of every month!
Cost: Complimentary
Questions? Contact you SAS Alliances Manager

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