Telco customers are frustrated. They want to be treated like a customer you know, not a number. How are leading Telco’s deepening their customer relationships, reducing churn and driving increased ARPU? Three simple words - precision, timing and context.

  • Precision is enabled by advanced analytics central to a customer decision. Its moves you from reactive to proactive and predictive.
  • Timing is everything. And the right time is anticipated with centralized decisioning
  • Context is understanding the customer right now, with the benefit of hindsight and predicting how a customer will react

Leaders have seized the opportunity to focus on superior customer experience by recognizing their customers at the point of interaction, infusing real-time analytics to deliver messages that are relevant, contextual and helpful to their customers and ultimately their own bottom line. By taking a customer-first approach, these Telco leaders have capitalized on earning and maintaining their customer’s captive attention – when it counts – with the intelligence to know when to serve up a marketing offer, when it’s irrelevant and when to just simply service the customer.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How SAS empowers modern marketers to have pinpoint precision, impeccable timing of delivery and a deep understanding of the customer “in the moment” through advanced analytics and a holistic, real-time recommendation engine regardless of channel
  • How to deliver highly relevant, intelligent offers based on automated analytical techniques, not business assumptions, the status quo or bias. 
  • How to orchestrate customer messages consistently across all customer touchpoints, while taking advantage of data critical to the best possible decision

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Date: Thursday, March 31st
Time: 11:00am EST (9:00am MST)
Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Complementary

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