Since 2010, over $1B has been invested into Canada’s next generation FinTech organizations (Omers Venture, 2015).  These companies are either entering, or are well into hyper growth mode.  The ones that have set themselves apart from the competition are those which can accurately forecast future opportunities to better position themselves to become a market leader.

How, you ask? Data and analytics.

In today’s world, organizations are collecting vast amounts of information at an unprecedented speed. The need for better, faster and more confident fact-based decisions is imperative. By leveraging data and analytics as strategic assets, organizations can make better decisions with greater confidence.

Hear from Canadian FinTech success story MOGO, as they discuss their recent data and analytics journey. In this session, you will learn:

  • How analytics has helped improve their day to day business
  • What roadblocks were encountered along the way
  • Strategies used to overcome these roadblocks to become an analytics champion



Please stay tuned for the next Success Story on Analytics. We are currently developing the content and looking at a live webinar date of early March. Please stay tuned or contact Rebecca.Gill@sas.com for more details.



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