Intelligence Quarterly Q2 2015, Digital Marketing in the Modern Era
Intelligence Quarterly is published quarterly by SAS Institute Inc.

RSR Modern Merchandising
RSR’s seventh annual merchandising benchmark report delves into the details of the challenges and opportunities retailers face in today’s highly competitive marketplace. The Next Generation of Merchants addresses the specific issues that are most important to retailers, including inventory optimization, analytics, customer data, organizational change, corporate culture and cross-channel optimization.  

Migros: The Right offer Every Time
If there's an industry in Europe where “old school” mass marketing still works, it is retail. Dominated by large corporations, it relies on huge campaigns targeted at millions of customers. But savvy retailers know that direct marketing in its familiar form is not scalable.

The Art of Decisive Merchandising
Successful merchandising is being eroded by forces of change. These include the convergence of a new breed of shopper – a profoundly informed, value-driven and mobile consumer – with a new breed of retailer – a fastmoving, digital-based, innovative merchant. The impact of this convergence on the art and science of merchandising is immense. This research report discusses which of the changes offer the most painful obstacles to overcome and which ones open doors to the most promising opportunities.

IoT, Marketing Ops & Challenges
But while IoT provides unprecedented opportunities for marketers, it also provides significant challenges. One challenge is working with vast volumes of IoT data. Most devices operate continuously and generate data 24/7. While a business unit may only need to deal with a fraction of the data, it still needs to filter the consumer data to identify situations or events that are relevant to the business and the consumer.

Forbs Insights: Data to Action
Marketing executives say there is a direct correlation between well-designed customer analytics programs and success in the marketplace, yet the infrastructures and processes they require to support and sustain such efforts—to advance from data to insights to action—still lag. This report is based on data from a survey of 105 executives of large global organizations, conducted by Forbes Insights in partnership with SAS. - See more at:

New Marketing ebook
At a time when customers are empowered, demanding and forever switching between channels to interact with your business, many organizations fail to realize that the concept of channel means nothing to the customer. Customers simply expect you to know them, personalize the message and treat them as unique. Anything else could be a deal breaker. This e-book helps marketers answer important questions such as how can I know my customers better and create the best experience while staying on budget. Learn how analytics can help you create a data-driven marketing process that will increase customer satisfaction and your ROI.


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