Driving Innovation to Improve Results

Innovation in the oil & gas industry has never been more important.  Low energy prices focus efforts on improving rates and recoveries at lower costs and minimizing capital investments by predicting and preventing damage to critical equipment. Companies have an often unused asset to assist with these efforts, in increasingly vast amounts of data. Advanced analytics brings this asset to life to solve problems that enable efficiencies and create competitive advantage.  SAS is, and has always been, about using data to discover hidden details about your operations that allow you to create innovative solutions to problems that matter to you.  By marrying your organization’s data and expertise with SAS’ 40 years of advanced analytics expertise, innovative approaches become apparent. 

Download the Webinar to find out what’s possible.  We will present solutions that identify root causes of events and apply those findings to predicting future events. We’ll use similar approaches to determine key contributors to increased production, and to determine how to optimize your personnel. We will walk through proven examples of organizations who have married data and analytics with engineering insight and expertise and illustrate how these organizations have driven innovation and improved results.



Questions or concerns Contact Nina Connell at Nina.connell@sas.com or 403-802-4481



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