Welcome to the newly launched, exclusive Resource Site for The SAS Analytics Sandbox (S.A.S.) for Manulife – comprehensive support for the entire Analytics Lifecycle to enable rapid experimentation with Big Data and Analytics products and tools, increase collaboration for accelerated learning and facilitate innovation, and provide an environment where Lines of Business can test out specific use-cases

This site has been designed to provide you with key information about S.A.S. Technology based on your user type.  We encourage you to explore, learn and ask. 

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S.A.S. for Manulife will provide you with end-to-end support of the Analytics Lifecycle.

  1. Visualization that extends beyond traditional BI, will enable you to create & consume analytic insight easily 
  2. The comprehensive analytic toolkit will support Data Discovery & the Development of Analytical Assets, whether you are a programmer or prefer “point-and-click”
  3. SAS’ integration with Hadoop makes it simple for business users to perform data quality and data preparation tasks without writing MapReduce code, so that you can derive more value from your big data
  4. Proven Information Management capabilities will help you prepare, cleanse & provision data efficiently in support of enterprise analytics

End-to-End Support of the Analytics Lifecycle


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To gain access to the sandbox, here is the Manulife Website User Application Site:

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SAS has been partnering with Manulife since 1980.

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