To help you build your analytics team, SAS works with Canada’s leading universities and colleges to develop the next generation of analytics talent and data scientists. These opportunities include SAS bootcamps, certification, workshops, analytics degree programs and much more.  In 2015 alone, 5,700 students across Canada developed their SAS skills and approximately 250 will graduate with SAS Certification.

Our partners have each developed unique programs to foster their students’ skills. Here’s what they have to say:

Queen’s Business School, Master of Management Analytics Program:

“Working with the team at SAS has been instrumental in providing the quality skills and certifications that analytics professionals need to be successful in today’s competitive environment.”
    -  Dean McKeown, Associate Director, Master of Management Analytics, Queen’s School of Business

Goodman School of Business Analytics Program, Brock University:

“Our partnership with SAS provides Goodman students with access to resources that help them gain a competitive career advantage in the field of business analytics.”
    -  Don Cyr, the Dean at Goodman School of Business

Centennial College Post Degree Marketing Analytics Certificate:

“Our students in the Marketing Research and Analytics post-graduate program really like using SAS software because of its power and intuitiveness. In addition, the demand for SAS specialized skills has helped some of our grads find employment in the analytics field.”
    - Victor Sousa, CET, MBA Professor and Coordinator, Marketing Programs, Centennial College School of Business

For more testimonies and information, please visit our Academic Partners webpage. To learn more, or to build your data science team, please contact the SAS Canada Academic Program:

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