Customer Loyalty

The SAS Customer Loyalty team is responsible for a proactive and consistent engagement process that makes the most of every customer touch point. Their goal is to build strong and long-lasting relationships with SAS customers. The team’s primary job is to understand how customers are using SAS and help them get the most out of their SAS investment. The team is committed to respond quickly to customers’ urgent needs and make certain that long-term needs are addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

Customer Loyalty Representative

Responsible to help you realize the full value of the investments you have made with SAS. Whether it’s training, education, community building or problem solving, your dedicated Customer Loyalty Representative will be your advocate and connect you to a wealth of SAS resources.

Matt Joyce

Support You Can Count On
The Customer Loyalty team is your liaison to other support service teams at SAS. To help with ongoing support, the Customer Loyalty team can help customers with platform and technology software.

  • Facilitate successful closure of technical support tracks
  • Bring together groups at SAS to address customer concerns
  • Perform assessments to determine SAS usage, including recommendations for getting the most value from their software
  • Serve as customer’s advocate to address problems and foster customer loyalty and satisfaction

What Customer Loyalty Team Can Do for You
The Customer Loyalty team can help customers adopt and migrate to new software releases, and keep them informed about new features and options. The team can also assist with account-specific organizational events, either on-site or virtual. Following are some examples that the team sponsors:

  • SAS Days – Half- or full-day events to teach ways to optimize SAS usage, discover new capabilities and technology, showcase new products, share feedback, and network
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions – One-hour presentations that showcase an area of technology specific to your organization’s needs
  • Regularly scheduled WebEx sessions for more exposure to SAS software
  • In-House Users Groups – An opportunity to connect with your entire organization at one location (or multiple locations) to share confidential topics and use actual data in discussions to foster an environment of growth, development, and education 

Explore the wide variety of support and service resources available to SAS customers on our Web site.

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SAS provides customer with a wealth of value added resources

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