Hotels operate in a very dynamic business environment. Serving a multitude of service options to multiple guests every day results in a lot of customer interaction points. And the variety of hotel offerings means that, if a potential guest doesn’t feel that they are getting the service or recognition they deserve – it is easy to find another provider.

Making high-quality real-time decisions during each guest interaction is critical to the success of a hotel company. Such decisions need to be relevant to guests’ needs and values, reflect the strategy of the business, and help maximize the organization’s profitability. Being able to make those decisions repeatedly is what separates highly successful businesses from those that flounder or fail. Hotels have a great deal of information about a guest’s history, behaviors, and preferences. Being able to react in real time to newly gathered information captured in ongoing dialogues opens up new opportunities about what offers should be extended and how guests are treated.

In this session, we provide an overview of real-time decisioning and its capabilities, review the various opportunities for real-time interaction in a hotel environment, and explain how to incorporate the outputs of analytics processes into a real-time decision engine.


Date & Time:
June 5, 2015 at 1:00pm EST

1 hour with Q&A



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