Webinar 1: Feb. 11 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

The Big Data Organization: Get the Right People on Your Big Data Bus
Speaker: Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging Technologies – SAS Best Practices


Big data has ushered in a host of new development and usage models. Open source projects have become software products, end users have become knowledge workers, statisticians have become data scientists and new chief officers are on the rise. How is big data affecting your organization? Who owns it? Is it really all about the data scientist? And do you need a new crop of stakeholders different from the everyday BI end users of days gone by?

In this session, we’ll discuss existing roles, skills and cultural norms, and highlight key practices to overcome organizational obstacles. We’ll also share sample workflows that illustrate collaboration and rules of engagement for big data. It’s not just about the technology; it’s about people too. Your people.

Webinar 2: Feb. 25 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

The Ultimate Data-Driven Customer Experience
Speaker: Anne Buff, Thought Leader – SAS Best Practices


The customer experience is as valuable to your organization as it is to your customer. Employees equipped with data and insights to provide the ideal customer experience are more productive and effective, which not only leads to increased customer satisfaction, but employee satisfaction as well. It should be no surprise that committed employees and loyal customers lead to profitably and success. Are you providing the ultimate data-driven experience for your customers and your employees?

In this session, we’ll look at what it means to be data-driven; four key characteristics of successful, data-driven organizations; warning signs that your organization may not be as data-driven as you think; and finally, what it takes. If actions speak louder than words, make sure your organization’s data-driven actions are consistent and speak volumes internally and externally.

Webinar 3: Mar. 11 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

A Geek’s Guide to Big Data: The Hadoop Ecosystem
Speaker: Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging Technologies – SAS Best Practices


Optimized. Efficient. Agile. Reliable. Stable. Structured. Everything that is important to a technology geek and everything the world of big data seems to elude. Travelling through the world of big data can seem like a daunting journey through unchartered territory.

This session will provide you - the weary, travelling technical intellectual - with a guide to the unstructured, unfamiliar, and ever-changing world of big data, Hadoop, and open source software. We will look at the components and tools in the open source Hadoop ecosystem that are needed for managing storing, managing and acting on data of all shapes, sizes and types. We will also explore the plusses and minuses of integrating open source software in your traditional, proprietary environment.

Webinar 4: Mar. 25 – 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Generating Value From Your Data
Speaker: Anne Buff, Thought Leader – SAS Best Practices


“Data is a corporate asset” has achieved platitude status, yet companies are still looking for the answer to the age-old question of “How much is our data worth?” Executives have become increasingly aware of the value of data (internally and externally) and are attracted to potential new revenue streams from information-based products and services.

In this session, we will examine what data monetization is, review current practices across industries, and help identify paths to revenue generation though data. We will explore the opportunities and challenges organizations face when implementing data monetization strategies as well as the requisite skills and capabilities needed for success. We will also review imperatives for driving and delivering internal business value through data to thrive in the rapidly developing digital economy.


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