This webinar series is intended to help small and medium enterprises learn how to overcome the volume, variety, and velocity at which they are collecting valuable information today. This webinar series will cover how organizations can effectively collect, manage and analyze their data to make better and faster decisions that you can apply to help your business flourish.

Part 1: Navigate your data to increase business productivity and revenue growth


Organizations today are overwhelmed with data, causing them to overlook vital information. Data is an organizations most valuable assets. To gain a competitive advantage, organizations must apply a strategic approach to managing their data to make better and faster decisions.

Learn how SAS is helping clients navigate the data deluge and resolve information in a meaningful way that will leads to higher productivity, improved customer satisfaction and revenue growth.

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Eliminate waste in standard business processes
  • Gain greater insight into your customers
  • Improve client interactions and increase profits

Part 2: Data Management: Leveraging volume and variety of data


Organizations today are looking to leverage the new categories of data available to them generated from sensors, machines, social networks and connected devices. Hadoop is a platform for this new data paradigm that can scale as your data needs continue to evolve. Organizations everywhere are wrestling with how to start on their journey into Hadoop and how to gain the additional promised insight, business value and ROI from the platform.

Learn how SAS is leveraging the economics of the Hadoop platform for improved insights with greater scale and speed.

In this session you will learn how:

  • Improve access to both new and existing data sources
  • Quickly and effectively prepare and manipulate data in Hadoop
  • Deliver business insights and outcomes utilizing new information

Part 3: Data Management for Analytics: Foundation for the data driven organization.


Data is one of your greatest assets. In order to harness its power and leverage the information available to you, it requires management and governance. Maintaining trusted sources of information that are complete, accurate and thoroughly represent your clients, prospects or products enable improvements to your bottom line.

Learn how SAS is helping clients create a single source of trusted data, that can be leveraged for improved customer satisfaction, improved marketing and a more complete and thorough understanding of your business.

In this session you will learn how:

  • You can deploy an effective trusted data hub
  • Create the processes necessary for the successful deployment and journey ahead

Business Knowledge Series

All of these events will be held virtually via WebEx.
Please note these sessions are complimentary – there is no fee to attend.


Please contact Rebecca Gill.

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