Below are some additional resources to that provide further detail on some of our key topics from the webinar. 

Also, please visit our Insights Page where you can access the latest thinking on topics you care about – analytics, big data, data management, marketing, risk and fraud. And it's not all about the SAS point of view – our aim is to cover the issues that you, your peers and your competitors are faced with daily and how they're being addressed. Issues like the impact of big data and emerging practices in building an analytically driven business culture.

On Demand Webinar Series:  The Mavens of Big Data

Big data has ushered in a host of new technologies as well as development and usage models. Open source projects have become software products, end users have become knowledge workers, statisticians have become data scientists, and new chief officers are on the rise.  How is big data affecting your organization and how are you using it to improve the lives of your customers in real-time?  View this 4-part series on demand to explore this big data paradigm as we offer you our perspectives on:

  • The people who will make organizations successful
  • The role of data for developing the ultimate customer experience
  • Enabling technologies – The Hadoop Ecosystem
  • The value proposition for big data analytics – how much is your data really worth?

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Blog Articles: 

Other resources

Centres of Excellence 101 

A growing number of organizations are creating competency centers or "centers of excellence" to overcome obstacles that prevent data and analytical talent from generating enterprise-wide insight. That was the topic of a webinar in the SAS "Applying Business Analytics" series.  This paper provides a summary of that webcast and makes the case for an organized, strategic and enterprise-wide approach to analytics

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Getting Value from Your Data Scientist 

Simply hiring expensive data scientists isn’t enough. To create real business value with data scientists, top management must learn how to manage them effectively.

Based on a survey of more than 300 analytics professionals (of which about one-third were self-described data scientists) working in different types of US companies, this report describes:

  • Why data scientists differ from other types of analysts.
  • Seven steps to managing data scientists for business value.
  • How analysts and data scientists view their work and their place in the organization.

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Harvard Business Review: From Data to Action 

This Harvard Business Review Insight Center report examines what your data may or may not be telling you. Featuring 30 articles from researchers and practitioners in data science, marketing, and other fields, the report offer guidelines on making good use of information and turning it into profitable behaviors.

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Getting There From Here – Data Science in The Boardroom 

Study after study confirms the obvious: Companies that invest in big data analytics perform at a higher level and are more profitable than their not-so-data-driven counterparts. So you would think every board of directors would be rushing to instill a top-down data-driven culture, but that hasn't happened yet. Big data analytics is used largely for customer insight (loyalty, churn, etc.) and not for top-level strategy decisions.  This white paper describes some of the reasons why this happens, and what data scientists can do to help instill a data-driven culture at the top leadership ranks of the company.

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Business Knowledge Series

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