In the communications industry, network performance is directly connected to customer experience. It is therefore critical for communications services providers that are focusing on providing superior customer experience in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors to be able to seamlessly connect the dots between network performance and customer experience. The only way to do this is to gain real-time visibility into the network traffic information and the necessary analytics-driven software infrastructure to deliver insights on how to deliver superior customer experience and make informed and accurate network investment decisions based on projected revenue.

What is needed today is a fundamental paradigm shift when it comes to analytics infrastructure, which is defined as predictive network analytics.

In this InfoPack you’ll find:

  • Heavy Reading Report: Advanced Predictive Network Analytics
  • Heavy Reading Report: High Performance Analytics is the Silver Bullet for Wireless Operators
  • Case Study: Telecom Italia
  • Solution Brief: Maximize Telecom Network Investments
  • Solution Brief: Asset Performance Analytics



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