Carl Hammersburg

Carl Hammersburg is a Government Fraud Solutions Specialist with SAS, working with officials in the U.S. and around the world to establish systems to continuously monitor and detect risk in programs and focus limited staff on achieving the best outcomes. In over twenty states and ten countries, he has worked directly with agencies, spoken to groups of executive and legislative officials, trained staff and testified before task forces and legislative committees, driving awareness of risk and the tools available to address it.

Carl’s work at SAS brings him in contact with a wide range of programs and government challenges, ranging from health programs, food, cash and child care subsidies to unemployment, tax and workers’ compensation. Analytic solutions have included a focus on identifying potential fraud and abuse, optimizing staffing in program integrity and identifying policy gaps that increase exposure in social programs.

Prior to joining SAS at the start of 2012, Carl spent over 21 years in government, working for the State of Washington. In 2004, he formed a comprehensive compliance program at Labor and Industries, which covered diverse activities ranging from detection and audit/investigation of claimant eligibility and medical provider fraud, waste and abuse as well as employer tax evasion, in addition to collection of all debts from those activities.

Data sharing and partnerships with other State and Federal agencies, as well as driving public awareness and information served as cornerstones to the activities of the program. During his stewardship, risk audits doubled and outcomes tripled, driven by a focus on data mining and predictive analytics that improved efficiency and case selection. Program success under Carl’s leadership resulted in awards from two successive Governors and a Return on Investment (ROI) exceeding $9 to $1.

Kimberly Nevala

Kimberly Nevala is responsible for industry education, key client strategies, and market analysis in the areas of business intelligence and analytics, data governance, and master data management. She has over 15 years’ experience advising clients on the development and implementation of strategic customer and information management programs and managing mission-critical proj­ects. She has tackled data strategy, BI and MDM for a variety of clients includ­ing Lowe’s, Apollo Group, Grange Insurance, Avaya, OSF Healthcare, and GlaxoSmithKline. Kimberly specializes in developing business and IT strate­gies, organizational alignment, program planning, design, and governance.

A frequent speaker and writer, Kimberly is often consulted on the topics of business strategy and alignment. She is the co-author of the first eBook on data governance, The Data Governance eBook: Morals, Maps and Mechanics, as well as Planning Your BI Program: A Portfolio Management Approach and Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a DG Program. Workshops taught by Kimberly include “Organizing your EIM/DM Team” and “Data Governance for BI Professionals.”

Prior to joining SAS, Kimberly was a Principal Consultant with Baseline Con­sulting, the premier provider of specialty consulting for business analytics, data management, and data integration.

The oldest of seven children, Kimberly has parlayed her experience communi­cating and negotiating truces between varied and often contradictory person­alities from a young age into her work in the corporate world today.

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