We decided to create this webinar based on conversations had with those that stopped by the SAS booth at the MDM Summit which took place in Toronto on July 8 & 9. There were a lot of great conversations, but one that came up most consistently was that of Reference Data Management (RDM).

Reference Data is closely related to Master Data, though in the world of data management, can better be thought of as playing the character of Loki; difficult to control and constantly creating mischief due to considerations for lineage and multiple definitions from various stakeholders. Without reference data and a proper way to manage it, your data loses context and value.

In this webinar we will explain SAS’ approach to RDM within the context of our Data Management ecosystem.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Reference Data Management and Data Governance
  2. Unique Dimensions of Data Governance for Analytics
  3. Reference Data Management – Getting there from here


Event Details

Time & Date:
Thursday, August 7th at 1:00pm EST


Contact Andrew.Bowden@sas.com

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