A New Approach to Revenue Protection for Utilities

Winter is coming… Is your electricity grid ready?

Register for this complimentary webinar for best practices on how to combat energy theft with Analytics and quiz our subject matter expert, Ian Ghent.

How Can You Make The Smart Grid Smarter?

With global energy theft pegged at approx. $202 billion annually, it’s safe to say that it represents a threat to the economy, national security, and conservation initiatives to name a few.

While energy fraud in Canada resides comfortably in the single digits from a percent standpoint, it still represents a significant amount of revenue leakage with costs passed onto the end consumer. A recent Forbes article pegged this loss at approx. $100M and $500M for BC and Ontario respectively.


Putting the Smart in Smart Grid

Register for this webinar to learn how Canada’s utilities can accurately identify locations of energy theft and take action. Key take-aways include:

Learn how to understand and baseline normal customer behavioral patterns across your customer base using the true power and potential of Smart Meter data.

Understand the telltale patterns of physical theft (i.e. meter bypass), cyber based theft (meter tampering/interference), and non-compliant uses (i.e. grow operations).

Prioritize and understand the threat alerts, rapidly investigate and triage those alerts, and understand the nature of linkages between alerts.


Speaker Bio

Ian Ghent
Ian is a financial crimes and compliance specialist with SAS' Global Security Intelligence Practice. He has a strong background in risk, compliance, and fraud analytics. His formal training comes from an Honours Computer Science degree from Lakehead University, along with multiple SAS certifications. His broad expertise, have been leveraged by many clients in the utilities, software, retail, health care, government, financial, and telecom sectors in Canada and abroad. With over 14 years of SAS knowledge, he has a wealth of experience developing and implementing SAS based analytical and fraud solutions. He has been part of SAS Institute Canada in Ottawa for the past 4 years.

Webinar Details

October 29, 2014

1:00pm-2:00pm EST


Contact Andrew.Bowden@sas.com

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