Join us for a one hour webinar and demonstration to find out how SAS support for Hadoop spans the entire data-to-decision process and centers on a singular goal – helping you know more, faster, so you can make better decisions.

During the event we will cover the advantages of:

  • SAS treating Hadoop as a traditional data store.
  • SAS pushing functionality down to Hadoop using “in-database” technology.
  • SAS supercharging traditional Hadoop through in-memory processing of SAS jobs.

Hadoop is quickly entering the mainstream as companies start to evaluate this technology as a way to deal with challenges such as “Big Data”, distributed computing, and the high costs of storage. While companies are interested in leveraging the advantages of Hadoop, many struggle with how to integrate it with existing investments to get the most from both.

SAS has a robust set of offerings designed to help you utilize your existing SAS skills to get the most out of Hadoop. If you are currently exploring Hadoop, or plan to explore Hadoop in the future, this is a great opportunity to hear how SAS can help you get the most out of Hadoop while expanding your SAS capabilities.