The second annual SAS Canada Financial Services Executive Summit brings together banking, capital markets and insurance leaders for a dynamic exploration of the challenges facing the industry. You’ll hear analytics experts share their real-world experiences with moving beyond the data-hype and using analytics to transform the organization.

While most organizations collect massive amounts of data, the leaders among them actually invest in and monetize their data. Analyzing big data and using those insights to make more informed decisions creates meaningful, measurable and profitable results that matter.

Financial services is the most data-heavy sector of the economy. So what kind of return can you expect on your investment in analytics? What big data technology trends, like Hadoop, are currently in play, and how can analytics help produce new insights? Whether the goal is saving money or time, optimizing offers, assessing risk or preventing fraud, the linchpin of the data-driven organization is the powerhouse combination of big data and applied analytics.


  • Hear from financial services industry experts and how they personally have used analytics to drive both top-line growth and bottom-line impact at their organizations.
  • Learn how forward-thinking firms are embracing emerging technologies to nimbly react and respond to change and the role technology plays in fostering innovation and creating competitive advantage.
  • Learn how the thoughtful, strategic use of big data and analytics creates and cultivates deeper, more valuable customer relationships.
  • Discover how industry leaders have converted old-school analytics to next-gen platforms and accelerated the idea-to-production life cycle and improved their business performance.
  • Participate in practitioner-focused breakout sessions to learn about big data technology trends in marketing, risk, fraud and information management and how to drive maximum value and impact on customer experience and to the organization.

Conference Moderator: Ron Tite, Branding & Creativity Expert


  • Sterling Green, VP, Business Intelligence Centre of Excellence, Sun Trust
  • Eli Collins, Chief Technologist, Cloudera
  • Bryan Harris, Director of Research & Development, Cyber Analytics, SAS
  • Dr. Nick Bontis, Director, Institute for Intellectual Capital Research & Award-winning professor of strategy


  • Stephen Gardiner, Managing Director, Accenture
  • Allied Irish Banks (Invited)
  • John Vink, AVP Technology Solutions, Compliance & AML, TD Bank Financial Group
  • Dave Stewart, Director, Financial Crimes and Compliance, SAS
  • Leon Bloom, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services, Financial Services Industry Practice Leader, Deloitte
  • Paul Skippen, Partner, Enterprise Risk Services, GRC and Risk Transformation Leader, Deloitte
  • Patrick Angeles, Chief Architect, Financial Services, Cloudera
  • Woody Christy, Solutions Architect, Partner Engineering, Cloudera
  • Marc Smith, Enterprise Architect, SAS Americas

Delegates will be drawn from a range of stakeholders within financial services institutions including those from Marketing, Risk, Fraud, Information Management, Compliance, Strategy and Operations and is suited for those at an executive or decision making capacity in their organization.

Registration for this event and all meals are complimentary; however, we reserve the right to limit attendance based on available space.


Event Details

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8:00am - 3:30pm

The Arcadian Court, Toronto


The content shared at this event is designed for senior executives and decision makers.

Registration for this event and all meals are complimentary; however, we reserve the right to limit attendance based on available space.

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