8:00 am to 8:30 am
Registration and continental breakfast
8:30 am to 8:40 am               
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Ron Tite
, Conference Host
8:40 am to 9:35 am     

Modernizing Analytics to Enhance Business Efficiency

Sterling Green, VP, Business Intelligence, Delivery Services, Enterprise Data & Integration, SunTrust

Session Description
Are your business and IT leaders on the same page? What is your strategy for architectural modernization and business efficiency?

How your customers want to use their data today is ever-changing. How do you keep up with the challenge of ensuring your environment has the information they want readily available coupled with the security needed for data integrity? SunTrust, a leader in financial services, tells how business modernization enhanced its internal effectiveness. Along with SAS, it reaped great benefits for business and IT.

Learn how to:

•Identify key performance challenges along the journey.

•Improve cost efficiencies, data accuracy, governance and management.

•Gain insights with analytics.

•Adopt the latest architectural techniques

9:35 am to 10:30 am

Data Modernization for Value
A new approach for becoming information-driven.
Eli Collins,
Chief Technologist, Cloudera


Session Description:
Today we are in the middle of a shift in how businesses use information. This change is felt most strongly in financial services since the industry is built on information. In the past you defined a set of business processes, built applications around each of them, and then went about gathering, conforming, and merging the necessary data sets to support the applications. The proliferation of data as well as changes in the financial services industry have made this approach untenable. In this talk, we'll describe how banking, credit & payments, investment, insurance and services are using a different approach with Hadoop and Cloudera's enterprise data hub to deliver better customer experience, optimize their operations, comply with regulations, better market their products, and make smarter strategic decisions.

10:30 am to 10:45 am
10:45 am to 12:15 pm        

Concurrent Sessions:

A.    Transformation and Modernization of Marketing

Monique Duquette,
Customer Intelligence Practice Lead, SAS

Session Leaders:            
Stephen Gardiner,
Managing Director, Accenture
  Allied Irish Banks (AIB) Executive

Session Description:
Great Expectations – Digital marketing and the customer experience.  Modernizing to take advantage of true customer experience and the CMO/CIO alliance.


B.    Transformation and Modernization of Risk
Wes Gill,
Executive Lead, Enterprise Risk Management, SAS

Session Leaders:            
Leon Bloom,
Partner, Enterprise Risk, Deloitte
Paul Skippen,
Partner, Capital Markets & Regulatory Consulting, Deloitte

Session Description:
Powering Analytics – The impact of Hadoop on analytics, running analytics in a high performance environment and redefining how to solve complex problems.

C.    Transformation and Modernization of Analytics
Moderated by:
Gary Spakes,
Lead Enterprise Architect, High Performance Computing, SAS

Session Leaders:
Patrick Angeles,
Chief Architect, Financial Services, Cloudera
Woody Christy,
Solutions Architect, Partner Engineering, Cloudera

Session Description:
SAS and Cloudera enable customers to achieve competitive advantage by gaining value from all of their data, through a proven combination of enterprise-ready storage, processing, analytics and management for big data. This talk will showcase SAS technologies that leverage Hadoop and Cloudera's enterprise data hub. One such example is SAS Access for Impala which allows customers to access data sets in a Hadoop environment leveraging Cloudera's market-leading SQL on Hadoop technology. A survey of other SAS technologies that leverage Hadoop will be covered including the In-Memory products such as Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics and how they fit in the analytic life cycle.


D.    Transformation and Modernization of Fraud & Compliance
Session Leaders:
John Vink,
AVP Technology Solutions, Compliance & AML, TD Bank Financial Group
Dave Stewart,
Director, Financial Crimes & Compliance, SAS

Session Description:
Modernization for a Stronger AML Program - The operational impacts of big data and analytics on processes, metrics, expectations, accuracy and efficiencies.  And big data driven opportunities on the complete view of the customer.

12:15 pm to 1:15 pm     
1:15 pm to 2:00 pm                   

The Convergence of Fraud & Cyber and the Impact on the Customer & the Organization

  • What is at risk?
  • Cyber and ROI
  • Cyber ecosystem and its relationship to fraud
  • Why do the Target’s and EBay’s keep happening?
  • SAS – Why Now?
  • How to invest in cyber for the long haul?
2:00 pm to 3:15 pm                                        

Insights on How Organizations can Transform Themselves
Dr. Nick Bontis,
Author & Thought Leader


Session Description:
During this dynamic closing keynote presentation, Dr. Bontis will present the results of a sophisticated methodological approach to assess the performance of a financial services organization.  How do we calculate the ROI (return on investment) on learning & development (L&D)?  The talent management cycle requires just as much emphasis on acquisition as it does on human capital development. Do we know what aspects of our training programs actually make a difference?   In today's context of rationalized budgets and scrutinized expenditures, every dollar we spend on learning must be accounted for.


Specifically, Dr. Nick Bontis will review population wide data analysis extracted from hundreds of learning management systems in the US and Canada.  He will then show you how he linked that data to a corresponding predictive learning impact model. He will contrast the base model with a case study featuring a specific organization and how it used causal models to transform its learning investment and provide specific actionable recommendations to senior executives within the firm on where to re-prioritize scarce funds thereby impacting business performance.  Finally, Dr. Bontis will help guide and build your own individual capability when it comes to analytics.  He will provide personal tactics that will allow you to manage and execute an analytics project for your own organization making you invaluable to your firm.


Looking at how the accelerated power of supercomputing has reduced the cost of data collection to all-time lows, Dr. Bontis believes the time has come to match our ability to generate information with an ability to learn from it and use it to our competitive advantage.  Mining "big data" and extracting its value is the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity.   He is the author of the book, “Information Bombardment: Rising above the digital onslaught” and he will be available to sign personalized autographed copies after his session.


During this session you will:

  • Review world-class cases of "big data extraction for profit"
  • Understand the power of predictive analytics in visual format
  • Leverage data you and your organization collect already
  • Learn how to improve your own "knowledge absorption and analytics capability"
  • Determine what actual leadership action you can take tomorrow
3:15 pm to 3:30 pm                  Concluding Remarks from the Conference Host — Ron Tite

Who Should Attend?:
Delegates will be drawn from a range of stakeholders within financial services institutions including those from Marketing, Risk, Fraud, Information Management, Compliance, Strategy and Operations and is suited for those at an executive or decision making capacity in their organization.

Event Details

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

8:00am - 3:30pm

The Arcadian Court, Toronto


The content shared at this event is designed for senior executives and decision makers.

Registration for this event and all meals are complimentary; however, we reserve the right to limit attendance based on available space.

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