Vincent Rejany
Product Manager

Everything must have been said about “Data”. For virtually every business today, it drives critical decision-making about the strategies that will deliver sustained growth. All organizations agree on saying that data is the new black, however it can be both an appreciable asset and a latent liability. However why so much contrast between words and acts? Because taking care of data, governing data is cumbersome, it requires time and resources for an added value which is often tough to quantify, trust. In his capacity as Principal Product Manager at SAS, Vincent works with SAS R&D department for making Data Governance smarter and automated by relying on analytics and artificial intelligence so personal and sensitive data can be protected, business rules and remediation actions can be suggested. Vincent has over 15 years of experience in Data Management solutions in many different roles within pre-sales, client relationship management, consultancy and project management. He participated and led several data management and governance projects in many industries like public sector, financial services, pharma, retail and manufacturing

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