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We are a company that supports and promotes health and wellness. Our passion to create a healthy work environment is woven into the fabric of our company culture and is a clear indicator of the value we place on our employees and their families.

The documents below contain details on the various benefits programs offered to SAS employees and their families. Read each item carefully and share with your eligible family members. Please be sure to complete the forms listed under “Action Items.”


SAS considers the information contained in these descriptions of benefits to be confidential and proprietary. It is provided to you solely for your individual use in evaluating and understanding your benefits elections and choices. You are prohibited from distributing it to anyone or any entity for a purpose other than the purpose stated herein.

Action Items

Please complete the forms below within 60 days of your date of full-time or part-time employment.

  • Benefits Enrollment/Change Form (PDF)
    As a full-time or part-time employee, you have the option of electing or declining health care coverage as well as participating in the flexible spending account plans.


  • Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Premium Waiver Form (PDF)
    Employees are subject to a $100 monthly Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Surcharge if their coverage election in the SAS Health Care Plan includes a spouse or domestic partner who is eligible for medical coverage through his/her employer. Please review the guide and complete the Surcharge Waiver Form if you meet the eligibility requirements to waive the $100 monthly surcharge. Note that the waiver is not required for Employee Only or Employee + Children coverage. See the Working Spouse/Domestic Partner Premium Waiver Guide (PDF) for more information.

Upon completion, mail, fax or email forms to the following address:

SAS Institute Inc.
SAS Campus Dr
Cary, NC 27513
ATTN: Benefits Department, U-1 Confidential fax number: 919-531-0201
Benefits Department Email:

Life Insurance Beneficiary

Update your life insurance beneficiaries for your Company-sponsored life insurance with Lincoln Financial at Please note that access may not be available until a few days after your hire date. To access your account for the first time, enter your SAS employee ID number, your date of birth, and the code word “tiger” to register.

Health Care Information

Benefits Summary (PDF)
Provides a summary of your coverage under the medical, dental, vision and prescription drug plans.

These booklets contain a summary of the benefits programs offered to full-time and part-time employees. They also include a description of the medical plan options, the flexible spending account plans, participation details and cost of health care coverage.

Notice of Special Enrollment (PDF)
An explanation of how health care coverage can be obtained by employees and/or their eligible dependents due to loss of coverage or a qualifying change in status such as marriage, birth or adoption.

Health Care Vendor Information (PDF)
Contains health care vendor contact information as well as group and member numbers. Employees should present this document to their health care provider or pharmacist if treatment/prescriptions are needed prior to receiving insurance ID cards.

SAS Retirement Plan & 401k Beneficiary Designation

Once you have completed 90 days of employment, you will be eligible to enroll in the SAS Retirement Plan. Fidelity Investments, the Plan record keeper, will mail information to your home address regarding the 401k enrollment process and provide detailed information on how to complete the beneficiary designation process for the SAS Retirement Plan through Fidelity NetBenefits Online Beneficiaries Service at

If you are married, your spouse must be designated as your primary beneficiary at 100%. If you do not wish to designate your spouse as your primary beneficiary, you will be required to obtain spousal consent. Instructions on how to provide this information will be supplied during the online desgination process.

Safe Harbor Notice (PDF)
Explains the details of the employer funded Safe Harbor contribution.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Group Life
Additional life insurance protection for employees and/or their eligible dependents, including domestic partners. Newly hired employees are eligible for guaranteed issue if they enroll within 31 days of their date of employment.

To enroll in coverage:

  • Go to the Lincoln Financial website: (Note that access may not be available until a few days after your date of hire)
  • Click on “First Time User: Register Now”
  • Enter the code word “tiger” to register

Supplemental Income Protection (SIP) for Long-Term Disability (Available to full-time employees only) (PDF)
Additional Long-Term Disability coverage not offered by the company provided Long-Term Disability plan. Newly hired employees are eligible for guaranteed issue if they enroll within 30 days of their date of employment and have not been homebound or hospitalized within the last 180 calendar days. To obtain your personalized SIP benefits option packet, call 1-800-258-8429.

Auto/Homeowners Insurance (Available to full-time employees only)
Discount automobile and homeowners insurance. Employees may apply for coverage at any time. Contact Met Life at 1-800-Get-Met8 (1-800-438-6388) to enroll.

You (PDF)
Free online service to locate vendors providing financial and insurance products at discounted rates. Available for employees to use at any time.

Summary Plan Descriptions

Medical Plan (PDF)
Dental Plan (PDF)
Vision Plan (PDF)
Outlines the company's Medical, Dental and Vision Care Plan and describes the rules on eligibility, coverage and benefits.

Premium Conversion and Flexible Spending Account Plan (PDF)
Outlines the company’s Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - a reimbursement program that allows employees to set aside money to pay for certain out-of-pocket health care and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. The document also describes the rules around making changes to your health care coverage during the plan year.


Need more info?

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the Benefits Department at 919-531-9090 or via email at


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