Reaching for the Stars

Prepare to be inspired to reach your full potential as North Carolina State University graduate Christina Koch receives the 2020 Global ATHENA Leadership Award and shares her journey to becoming an astronaut and part of history in the first all-female spacewalk. Join us on August 11th, 12pm EST

Making History

Adventure seeker, Christina Koch spent time on the frontier of Antarctica to prepare her for a mission on the International Space Station. A mission that lasted 328 days in space, setting a record for the longest single spaceflight ever completed by a woman. Koch worked as a flight engineer, conducting more than 210 scientific investigations and advancing technology that will return astronauts to the Moon and prepare NASA for human exploration of Mars!

She conducted 6 spacewalks during 11 months on orbit, including the first 3 all-woman spacewalks, spending 42 hours and 15 minutes outside the station. But who’s counting?

Join us on August 11th at 12pm EST as Christina shares how bold goals helped her realize her dreams and how setting them for yourself can help you reach yours too!

Credit: Video / NASA

Find something that you love about this current situation, and that may be difficult. Some of us are going through really tough times. But find something that makes it special and unique that you know you’ll miss one day. And if you focus on that, you may find that you aren’t constantly waiting for it to be over. Christina Hammock Koch, Astronaut NASA As quoted on The Verge

Connect with Christina

We are providing two (2) students with the opportunity of a lifetime! A backstage pass to the virtual green room to personally ask Christina a question during the live event. The students will also receive an ATHENA Water bottle and copy of Becoming ATHENA, Eight Principles of Enlightened Leadership by Martha Mertz, the founder of ATHENA International. All students globally between the ages of 11 and 19 are eligible for entry.

For your chance to connect with Christina: share with us how your curiosity is inspiring you to constantly reach for the stars. Submissions close at 11:59 p.m. EST on August 3rd and the selected winners will be contacted on August 5th.

About ATHENA International and the ATHENA Leadership Award

ATHENA International is an organization dedicated to the development of women leaders from the classroom to the boardroom.

Christina will be receiving the 2020 Global ATHENA Leadership Award. This honor is given to individuals who have achieved the highest degree of professional excellence, assist women in reaching their potential, and have a body of work that has a global impact. Christina has inspired millions of individuals globally to reach for the stars with her curiosity of becoming a lifelong learner. She believes education goes beyond the classroom and continually aspires to learn, explore and achieve even the most challenging goals. Learn more about the ATHENA Leadership Award and its recipients. 

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