Over the years, our teachers at SAS have received questions about extra functionality when writing programs in SAS. All these questions are the foundation for the five session we have created. These workshops/sessions in two hours will give the students new tools and knowledge that will help them writing their SAS-programs in a more modern way.

Who should attend?
People that want to know about useful components in creating reports, functions and other areas regarding programming in SAS.

Before attending these workshops, you should have a basic knowledge and experience using SAS programming. Students should have completed SAS Programing 1: Essential course or have equivalent skills.

Software Addressed: SAS Foundation, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio
Length: 5 sessions, 2 hours each

Price for all 5 sessions
40.000 DKR, SEK, NOK / 4.250EUR

Price per session
10.000 DKR, SEK, NOK / 1.060EUR

Workshops content

Session 1 – SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Studio

  • Introduction for SAS programmers

Session 2 - Standard SAS Reports

  • Picture formats
  • Saving Proc's calculations as a dataset
  • Controlling report appearance with ODS, Proc Report and Tabulate
  • Creating excel-graphs with Proc Mschart

Session 3 - Graphs and ODS

  • ODS Graphis
  • ODS Layout
  • ODS RWI(Report Writing Interface)
  • Map-charts

Session 4 - Data Manipulation 1

  • Macro examples
  • Working with by-statements with data steps
  • Behind the scenes working in data steps
  • Advanced Functions ex. Prxmatch, intnx
  • Extended attributes on SAS datasets

Session 5 - Data Manipulation 2

  • Transpose data with arrays
  • Filename url
  • Proc FCMP
  • Proc IML basics and R interaction


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