Analytics Value Training

The Analytics Value Training program helps you transform your organization to be more data driven and obtain business value with analytics.



The program:

  • Provides the basic skills needed to solve real business problems with analytics
  • Accommodates the participants with special fields of interest
  • Includes diploma after exmination and final presentation.



The program is built around the four main areas of expertise needed to attain business value from analytics

  • Statistics and mathematics (predictive models, clustering, machine learning, etc.)
  • Programming and databases (system knowledge, programming languages and Hadoop).
  • Communication (visualization, storytelling, presentations).
  • Business understanding (value and industry-related business benefits wiht ROI).

The program is delivered over 12 months as:

  • 11 days of class workshops.
  • Online training, including workshops
  • Reading of selected business concept references.
  • Presentations
  • 7-14 days of deeper tools training (optional).

Who is This Program for?

The program is intended for people with an interest in communication and social skills to work in the intersection between business and IT and has three target groups:

Business Analysts - people with a strong insight info the business of their organization and an interest in data analysis.

Data Scientists/Statisticians - people with a strong mathematical background such as statistics physics or computer science, and an interest in business.

IT Professionals - people with a strongs technical background (maintenance, operations and installation) and an interest in business and data analysis.


This is an individually and/or company customized program. All participants do a competencies gap analysis before entering the program to define the specific requirements and expectations of the program outcome.

SAS and Partner Ecosystem

The program is delivered by SAS and an ecosystem of partners to ensure that the participants get the best possible training no matter the topic. The partners of the program are SAS, Bravura, Well, Edlegio and KnowIt.

For more information contact Patric Hellgren,

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