SAS® Workforce Transformation

A strategic approach for developing your organization's analytical talent

Program Features

When your team is skilled in analytics, it's easy to seize opportunities and gain an edge over the competition. Find out how SAS Workforce Transformation can customize a learning plan that's right for your team.

Strategy Sessions and Planning

We’ll assess the current state of your SAS community and develop a strategy to meet your unique challenges.

Roles and Competency Framework

We’ll identify competencies and skills needed for each job role and level.

Learning Needs Assessment

We’ll explore current team skills and opportunities for growth so you can focus learning on knowledge gaps.

Development Plans

We'll create role-based development plans to support your organizational goals, employee career progression and onboarding of new hires.

Learning Program

We'll develop and deliver a learning program that engages your staff and provides practical application to your business.

Flexible Support for the Future

We'll build a program that can evolve with your changing business needs.

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Why Workforce Transformation Services?

  • Improve employee retention and engagement.
  • Attract the best talent.
  • Grow skills and standardize best practices.
  • Maximize individual performance and productivity.
  • Build a strong, self-sufficient SAS users community.
  • Take full advantage of the SAS Platform.
  • Create a scalable solution for achieving your vision.

Ready to transform your workforce?

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