Graphical user interface

  • Programming-free GUI.
  • All the tools you need to build, execute and analyze discrete-event simulation models.
  • Suitable for users from novice to expert in virtually any industry.

Model features and model execution

  • Hierarchical modeling, including compound and submodel blocks.
  • Control the level of detail that is displayed.
  • Control start and stop times and number of replications.
  • Create experimental designs with multiple design points.
  • Animation aids model verification and debugging.
  • Models can be run within the GUI or in batch mode.

Innovative resource modeling: mobile resource entities

  • Complements block-based stationary resources.
  • Regular entities seize resource entities.
  • Multiple resource entities can be seized and held at once.
  • Resource entities can move independently in the model.
  • Resource entities can be scheduled and pre-empted.

Integrated with SAS and JMP analytics

  • SAS and JMP: input data; analysis of simulated data.
  • JMP: input analysis; automated, interactive experimental design.
  • SAS and JMP: execute code during model execution.

Precise, flexible data management and analysis

  • Flexible access to stored input data.
  • Numerous data collection facilities.
  • Event-driven output data creation.
  • Graphical and tabular data display features.
  • A state-of-the-art, steady-state analysis capability.

Support for large models and large experiments

  • Navigation and search.
  • Hierarchical modeling.
  • Compound blocks and submodels.