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smb data integration

SAS® Data Integration for Midsize Business

Base your decisions on complete, consistent data.

Business users depend on having easy access to trustworthy, complete data. But data integration is no easy task, because data is spread across disparate systems and data volumes are rapidly increasing. SAS Data Integration for Midsize Busi­ness is a simple, flexible solution that addresses data integration challenges for small and midsize businesses. It ensures data credibility and consistency – so organiza­tions can easily manage all their data integration projects while reducing costs and increasing overall productivity.


Always access the data you need.

From legacy systems to Excel or the latest ERP applications, data from virtually any hardware platform or operating system can be accessed and processed using SAS/ACCESS® engines. Add new source systems easily and manage security centrally. This saves time, shortens learning curves and gives you the information and confidence you need to make data-driven decisions.

Deliver consistent, trusted and verifiable information.

Consistently getting correct data when and where it is needed provides increased confidence in the accuracy and timeliness of information. Powerful data lineage tools enable users to see where data originated and how it has been transformed. The solution's data profiling tools provide insights into the quality of processes and source systems so business users know they are using the best data possible.

Reduce costs by eliminating overlapping, redundant tools and complex system architectures.

This flexible, reliable solution supports both the operational and decision support needs of small and midsize organizations. It minimizes the time and effort associated with piecemeal approaches that entail linking and managing technologies from different vendors – to ensure data credibility, reduce risk and speed results.


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smb data integration
  • Interactive data integration development environment
  • System connectivity
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL) and extract, load and transform (ELT)
  • Migration and synchronizations


  • Data federation
  • Metadata management
  • Integrated support services

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