Features List

SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

SAS® Criminal Justice Data Integration and Analytics

Data integration

  • Access data from any source – regardless of system or format – to give a comprehensive view of each offender.
  • Integrate, standardize and improve the quality of the data used to make critical decisions.
  • Create an offender-centric view through entity resolution.
  • Use fuzzy matching to address intentional and unintentional data quality and obfuscation issues.
  • Restrict data access at the record and element level through a robust security model.
  • Automate, manage and control the entire data integration process through an administrative graphical user interface.

Intuitive interface for all types of users

  • Search on whatever attributes are known.
  • Use a "fuzzy" search to return matches that are sorted so that the most likely matches appear at the top of the search list.
  • Roll up all records and view them at an individual offender level with a timeline.
  • Receive prominent warning indicators for high-risk attributes on any offender.
  • Improve the speed and accuracy of decision making through graphical data visualization.
  • Access information through a mobile device user interface for all law enforcement personnel.

Watch-list capability

  • Set up watch lists comprising specific individual offenders.
  • Select alert criteria.
  • Receive automatic alerts when there is an offender activity or change in status.
  • Notify users when anyone else queries a watch-list offender.
  • Manually assign or upload watch lists.

Underlying analytics

  • Make better decisions and take faster actions based on underlying analytics capabilities that reveal insights into offender information.
  • Identify and visualize trends and make informed decisions about deployment strategies by applying time series analysis.
  • Identify an inmate’s risk of recidivism through predictive analytics so you can make better parole or early-release decisions.
  • Use all available data – both structured and unstructured – to enhance preventive policing efforts using text and web.
  • More easily identify criminal networks with a network link analysis capability.
  • Analyze and visualize information on maps to identify geographic trends and relationships with geospatial analysis.

Remote hosting option

  • Gain confidence with highly secure hosting for your sensitive information.
  • Enforce a comprehensive and verified disaster-recovery plan.
  • Utilize a single point of contact and ownership for any system-related issues.
  • Enforce and administer user-level security policies based on your agency’s requirements.