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Analyze streaming data, and take appropriate action instantly

Streaming Analytics

Today, we cannot avoid big data. The mass of information that we generate every second continues to grow at an incredible pace. Customer interactions, product information requests, bank transactions, emails, tweets, blog posts and the rise of the Internet of Things are all generating streams of data. This will impact everything in the organization, giving birth to even more new and innovative ways in which streaming analytics can be applied.  Streaming data is valuable – when it's well-understood.

Staying competitive in a big data world

Staying competitive in a big data world means working and making decisions incredibly fast. You need to assess continu­ously changing conditions, monitor for events of interest as they happen and follow through with contextually relevant action. With event stream processing, the data doesn’t stop. Continuous queries constantly analyze live data to detect patterns of interest so you can respond in real-time.

Streaming Data technologies

Organizations are embracing Streaming Data technologies and already seeing the difference it has made to how they are running their business.

This video will cover the main aspects of the SAS Event Stream Processing Engine.

During this 12 minutes webcast you will hear about:

  • Why does business need Event Stream Processing?
  • What are Streaming Analytics.
  • The core component and characteristics of the SAS Event Stream Processing Engine.
  • Business cases to understand the application of SAS Event Stream Processing Engine towards solving real time business issues.


Hear from Andrew Pease, principal solutions manager for Analytics in the SAS Global Technology Practice, why Event Stream Processing is essential to tackling modern and future analytics challenges.

Podcast available

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