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Data Governance – A holistic Approach

In the era of big data and data-driven business, data governance is no longer optional. With Data Governance you can put the necessary processes in place to more effectively manage all of your data assets and critical information. And you can boost collaboration between business and IT so everyone in your organization is on the same page.
However, many organizations still struggle to make it stick. From making the case to transcending a project-by-project mentality to engaging management in a more holistic approach with ongoing strategic planning and funding, governance is tough.

How to get started -- and what steps can you take to ensure data governance success? Browse around and learn more about data governance.

Webcast Data Governance

It is clear that decision makers are now seeing data as a strategic asset to be leveraged for competitive advantage. Top-management executives are finally leveraging their data and are launching new initiatives to make the most of it.

However, while the vision is clear at top-management level, most organizations still struggle to establish holistic data management strategies, and are still facing the usual challenges of siloed applications and lack of collaboration across departments. In this webcast we will show what successful data governance programs can do for your business.

During this 10 minutes webcast you will hear about:

  1. How do you move from a fragmented to a holistic approach?
  2. Why big data requires new data governance needs.
  3. Lessons learned and recommendations for Data Governance.
The SAS Data Governance Framework: A Blueprint for Success

Done correctly, data governance can transform the way an organization manages – and capitalizes on – its data. However, because it spans a variety of people, policies and technologies, data governance is a daunting effort. The SAS Data Governance Framework white paper is designed to provide the organizational and technological structures needed to overcome common data governance failure points.

Who uses Data Governance

DSM gains control of Master Data

Good data quality is extremely important, for both health and safety

Bart Geurts
Manager Master Data Shared Services DSM

Underpinning Solvency II compliance with data governance

High-quality data and the ability to report on data quality over time underpins compliance with Solvency II, but we also believe it gives us greater operational efficiency and competitiveness.

Rolf Neuerburg
Data Governance Manager

A Data Driven Reality

The e-book ‘A Data Driven Reality’ is about the changing role of data in a fast evolving community. Insights of visionary experts and pioneers how they work with this new reality and give you tips where and how to start.

With this e-book we aim to provide new insights. Drawing on interviews with both customers and experts we show the steps necessary to give data management a central role in your organization, so that you can get the basics in order and can fully exploit your data to drive innovation, conversion and satisfaction.

Future Bright Data Driven
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SAS is a Leader in the 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools

SAS data integration technologies ensure that your data is always clean, accessible and ready for anything. 

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