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Innovate with Analytics

Making AI Business-Smart 

Thursday, March 29th | Brussels | #Road2AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives. Whether it concerns self-driving cars, robots in health care or to find your paradise. Although AI is already on the agenda of many organizations, the concrete introduction of projects is still in the initial phase.

This technological evolution also means that analytics need to be approached in a fundamentally different way:  one that is future-proof for developments such as AI / Machine and Deep Learning, to effectively support innovation and to develop sustainable business models.

But how do you prepare for these developments? What steps can you take today? An important precondition is control of your data: data of reliable quality and available in real-time.

During this session you will hear from your peers and SAS experts:

  • how your organization can become a data-driven organization
  • how you can already apply Artificial Intelligence within your organization today
  • about the use of data analytics in sports
  • how you can manage your data and guarantee reliable quality
  • about analyzing images as one of the most promising and exciting applications of real-time streaming analytics technologies
  • how the SAS Platform forms a solid basis for managing the entire analytical life cycle
  • about how data and AI can create a revolution in football

Finding the best place on earth is not an easy task. Whoever manages to do so, will also be able to find the best solutions for your business. At SAS, we have found paradise in huge amounts of data and we will find the value in your data too. So, you can be sure, to run your business more effectively.

You need new and more insights from your data, faster results or better-integrated processes? You are you looking for your business case for artificial intelligence? You are struggling with your supply chain, with GDPR and data governance or trying to understand your customers’ behavior?

No matter what paradise is to you: Data is the catalyst to many strategic and tactical decisions. Unlock the insight in your data to make well-informed decisions. Get the bigger picture and release surprising and game-changing insights from your data. SAS combines analytics with AI and lets them live symbiotically in the SAS Platform – a single, cloud based, open-compatible system that will give you the full and true picture to keep ahead and run on peak performance. SAS allows your organisation to use more varied data types than ever. The wider range of analytical techniques are easy to scale, extremely innovative and seriously efficient. Discover now, how everyone in your organization can benefit from analytical insight: No matter if data scientist, business analyst or IT manager.

SAS is taking to the road across the world to ensure that organizations are data driven, have insight at their fingertips and are winning. Find out first hand from our experts who will:

Share their real life best practices

Explain challenges and showcase new ways to approaches and solutions

Demonstrate technology and share hands-on tips for execution


Mathias Coopmans

Mathias Coopmans
Principal Business Solution Manager, SAS

Mark Bakker

Mark Bakker
Data Strategist, SAS

Olivier Penel

Olivier Penel
EMEA Data Management Business Director, SAS

Michel Philippens

Michel Philippens
Advisory Business Solutions Manager, SAS

Frédéric Combaneyre

Frédéric Combaneyre
IoT and Streaming Analytics Solutions Manager, SAS

Giels Brouwer

Giels Brouwer
Founder and CEO of SCISports

Hotel Bloom

NH Brussels Bloom Hotel
Koningsstraat 250 Rue Royale 
1210 Brussels


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